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What to watch: Teen Choice 2012 on Fox at 9 p.m. EDT/ 8 p.m. CDT

Watch the 14th annual gala that honors the achievement of those in the entrainment industry. Performances include Justin Bieber and No Doubt.

New website: Amelia Earhart: Papers, Photos, Memorabilia and Artifacts, www.lib.purdue.edu/spcol/aearhart

This online collection includes more than 3,500 scans of photographs, maps and documents relating to Amelia Earhart. There are copies of the maps that were used on her last flight, photographs she took and scans of letters she sent and received.

Video: New Nikon camera debuts

The Nikon J1 camera is highly compact, portable and features a mirrorless lens.

-- GateHouse News Service