Daily roundup of what's hot online right now with news on Julia Child, Johnny Pesky and a trending video.

Check this out: Julia Child

Today is the 100th birthday of Julia Child, and PBS Digital Studios made a really interesting remix of Child's best moments and posted it on YouTube. Click the link above to watch the video, and remember Julia Child, the chef who brought French cooking to America.

Trending topic: Johnny Pesky

The Boston Red Sox are mourning the loss of Johnny Pesky, who died Monday at the age of 92. "His playing career lasted only 10 years (he missed three seasons while serving in World War II), but his legacy transcended a lifetime," says ESPN.go.com. Click the link above to read more.

Video: Olympian sells medal to help sick child

A Polish windsurfer is selling her bronze medal for a worthy cause.

-- GateHouse News Service