Cal Ripken gets go ahead for tournaments

Chris Bowie

Boonville Cal Ripken President Mike Watts said it has been confirmed that the league will be allowed to host their originally planned tournaments this year but with certain criteria that can be easily be obtained.

Watts said the 11-year old Missouri State tournament will be held beginning approximately July 30 and ending August 2, depending upon how many teams participate.

Watts said the 10-year old Cal Ripken Midwest Plains Regional Invitational will begin approximately August 13 and ending August 16, depending upon how many teams participate.

The Boonville City Council approved at its meeting last Monday to allow tournaments in July.

The Boonville Cal Ripken League will officially kick off the 2020 season on Monday, June 22 at Harley park and the high school ballfield.

Five teams will make up the league in Major, while four teams in Minor. will play Rt. B Cafe in the only game in Major at the high school ballfield at 6.

At Harley park in Minor, Axis Seed will play Bradley Automotive at 6 p.m. Meanwhile, at 8, Einspahr Construction will take on Boonville Ready Mix.