Lady netters dominate Knob Noster with second shutout of 2021 season

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

The Boonville Lady Pirates tennis team recorded its second 9-0 win of the 2021 season by sweeping the Knob Noster Panthers in both singles and doubles Tuesday night on the road. 

While improving to 3-1 on the season, Boonville tennis coach Melissa Harvey said overall each varsity player battled through the heat to secure strong wins and continue to show growth every time they step onto the courts.

“Tonight, we arrived in Knob Noster with only 20 minutes to warm up before play,” Harvey said. “This definitely showed in the beginning of their doubles matches, but once our girls got warmed up, they pulled ahead and finished with a good lead. We enjoyed having Webster back from quarantine, but it did change up our doubles teams again. Although, this didn’t seem to be an issue once they got started and in a groove. This is one of the strengths of our team; each of the players understands what it takes to be a good doubles partner and are willing and able to work with anyone they are paired with.

“As far as singles, Neidig got ahead quickly in the beginning of her match, which enabled her to work on some more advanced play to prepare for Marshall on Thursday. Schneringer had some nerves tonight, but Coach Espey helped her to work through those with deep breaths and reminded her to shake them off and relax. Unfortunately, on the JV end, Knob Noster was hit with a bug, so we didn’t get in as many JV matches as we would have liked. Georgia Hendrix and Paola Sanchez had their first tennis match of the season due to being quarantined last week. After the match, Sanchez said she would like to work on her backhand and remember to follow through. Hendrix said she thought her serves were consistent and successful, which she was proud of. Freshman Bridget Puryear, played her first ever tennis match and a single one at that! All three coaches were thoroughly impressed with her effort and skill on the court tonight. Coach Espey said her serves looked great and Coach Neidig was proud of the way she used the skills she has been working on all summer long to secure her win.”

The Lady Pirates never looked back after doubles by recording wins in all three matches to go up 3-0. At the No. 1 position, the team of Emma Neidig and Arji Webster defeated the team of Mary Joy Stevens and Sydney Burden 8-2. At No. 2 doubles, the team of Abigail Pannell and Alyssa Fitzgerald beat the team of Allison Croft and Kristen Brown 8-4. Meanwhile, at No. 3 doubles, the team of Kate Schneringer and Lilly Hendrix won 8-2 over the team of Anna Grace Stevens and Ella Finesilver.

Boonville was just as dominant in singles with six matches and six wins. At No. 1 singles, Neidig won 8-1 over Mary Joy Stevens. At No. 2 singles, Webster defeated Croft 8-3. At No. 3 singles, Pannell beat Burden 8-1. At No. 4 singles, Schneringer ousted Brown 8-3. At No. 5 singles, Hendrix upended Anna Grace Stevens 8-0. Meanwhile, at No. 6 singles, Fitzgerald prevailed over Finesilver 8-0.

In the JV match, Bridget Puryear defeated Addyline Booth in singles 6-4. Meanwhile, in doubles, the team of Chloe Grizzle and Emily Baker won 6-2 over the team of Kendall Brown and Emily Mayhew. At No. 2 JV doubles, the team of Georgia Hendrix and Paola Sanchez fell to Brown and Mayhew 6-1.