Hough on Jamboree at Moberly: It's all about getting reps

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Boonville sophomore Dakota Troost picks up big yardage on a jet sweep against Hallsville Friday night during a Jamboree at Larry K. Noel Spartan Stadium in Moberly.

As far as Boonville Pirates football coach Greg Hough is concerned, the Jamboree Friday night at Larry K. Noel Spartan Stadium in Moberly was more about getting the players reps and playing against somebody else than the final score on the score board.

Of course coming away with no injuries is also crucial heading into the season opener this coming Friday night on the road against the Pleasant Hill Roosters, starting at 7 p.m.

With five starters back on both sides of the ball this season, Hough said Boonville brought 40 players to the Jamboree and they got all 40 on film.

Although five teams participated in the Jamboree, Boonville only competed against Hallsville and Moberly. Chillicothe and Centralia made up the remaining teams.

The Pirates also held its own against both Hallsville and Moberly. In the first matchup against Hallsville, which consisted of 18 offensive plays and 18 defensive plays, Boonville held the Indians to just one touchdown while forcing two fumbles and picking off a pass.

The Indians scored their lone touchdown on a 25 yard pass against the second team unit.

As for Boonville, they two runs of 15 or more yards and finished with a 22-yard touchdown pass from junior quarterback Colby Caton to senior receiver Jamesian McKee in the back of the end zone. McKee also had one catch on a pass from Caton to the 2 yard line that would have made several highlight films after bobbling the ball and later coming down with the reception.

Boonville’s second touchdown came on a 2 yard run by Caton.

In the matchup against Moberly, the Pirates moved the ball down field while mixing it up with the run and pass. However, after a 10 yard pick up by senior D.J. Wesolak and 5 and 3 yards by Caton, sophomore receiver Dakota Troost scored on a jet sweep from 5 yards out.

Boonville managed only 25 yards after that-mostly with the second team unit.

The Spartans, meanwhile, had negative yards or no gains on four of their first five plays and then turned it over after senior Travis Dell recovered a fumble. However, after a 20 yard pick off on the ground, Moberly came back with another 4 yard gain before finding the end zone on a 15 yard pass.

Boonville held Moberly out the end zone after that to finish with one touchdown each. Junior Ethan Watson also recovered a fumble on the 14th play of the drive.

Hough said he liked the energy of the kids during the Jamboree.

“I've talked to you about getting a lot of kids reps and I feel like we have built some depth and kids that can get out on the field on Friday night and play,” Hough said. “I think you could see that a little bit tonight with multiple kids being successful and doing things. It's a good group of kids. They’ve played together, they've worked together and now we're celebrating together.”

Hough said the offense was pretty vanilla in the Jamboree with some jet sweep stuff, passing game wise and simple concepts, quick games.

“We have some talented kids,” Hough said. “It's very hard for our defense to get a lot of looks throughout practice, and so that's the big thing. Hallsville, obviously, is a team that we'll see later on in the year and I think they’re a team that is going to be very good. Moberly is a team that has traditionally been really good, and Coach McDowell does a good job, so I thought our kids competed well tonight. From top to bottom, everybody got reps and we saw a lot of good things. Defensively, I felt like we were physical and when somebody tried to pass against us, we had multiple guys in the backfield.”

Hough said the curveball next week is school, but the kids just have to keep working.

“We’ve been together and worked out all summer, and our groups are really, really close,” Hough said. However, you throw in the new school year and being on the road for three weeks. But I am happy for our kids and I thought they did a good job. We're walking out of here healthy, so that is all that matters.”