Pirate golfers succumb to experienced Southern Boone team

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

Playing one of the best teams in the Tri-County Conference didn’t bode well for a young Boonville Pirates golf team Monday night at Eagle Knoll Golf Course.

And then to make matters worse, Boonville golf coach Rob VanderLinden said Eagle Knoll is one of the more difficult courses in the state. 

As it turned out, Southern Boone wound up beating Boonville by 49 strokes 181-230.

“Not only is Eagle Knoll one of the toughest courses in the game, what makes it even more difficult is never playing it before,” VanderLinden said. “There are a lot of blind shots and tricky areas that help when you play there.”

What is also unusual is that SBC also had the five lowest scores in the meet. Jacob Anderson finished the meet with a 6-over par 42 for the Eagles.

For Boonville, Austin Rice finished with a 18-over par 54 with one par and three bogeys. Ben Newman shot a round of 57 with two bogeys, while Jackson Johns fired a score of 59 with one bogey, Tucker Lorenz 60 with one bogeys and Michael DeLeon 62 with three bogeys.

The Boonville Pirates golf team will host the Boonville Masters on Thursday at Hail Ridge Golf Course in Boonville. VanderLinden said tournament will include 11 other teams. Friday is the Masters Scramble, which currently has 14 teams participating.