Boonville High School humanities students raise money for food bank

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

Humanities students at Boonville High School raised nearly $1,000 to give to the food bank and local families in need Saturday during the Haunted Halloween Hustle.

Results of the race are as follows:

13 and Under

1st in division and overall- Olivia Dilse 28:33

2nd- Hilary James 33:55

3rd- Austin Espie 45: 47 

13 to 20

1st in division second overall- Ross Brackman 29:11

2nd and tied for 3rd overall- Kourtney Kendrick  30:30

3rd- Kayla Meier 37:32 

20 to 35

1st- Mallory Espie 45:35

2nd- Mariah Smith 50:22

3rd- Leah Vollmer 50:42 

35 to 50

1st- Jesse Rohrbach 41:15

2nd- Kelly Rohrbach 41:50

3rd- Tina Smith 50:42 

50 and Up

1st and tied for 3rd overall- Kathleen Kendrick 30:30

2nd- Anita Keene 44:44

3rd- Karen Neiterjohn 57:56