Don Baragary hits campaign trail with 201-mile ride through six counties

Chris Bowie
Cooper County Presiding Commissioner Don Baragary recently took and 11-day, 201-mile ride through six counties as he campaigns for Missouri State representative in the 48th district.

Cooper County Presiding Commissioner Don Baragary officially took to the campaign trail May 22 with a 201-mile horse ride through the six counties that make up the 48th Missouri House district. The journey lasted 11 days.

Baragary will face off against Tim Taylor as a Republican in the Aug. 4 primary.

“At first I looked at [the ride] as being a struggle, but I enjoyed it so much and met so many nice folks that it was very rewarding,” Baragary said. “[I] wanted to share my patriotism with the area.”

With so many events where Baragary could have campaigned either postponed or canceled, he opted for the ride. He has served as the Cooper County presiding commissioner since 2015.

He dedicated each day’s ride to some aspect of patriotism, he said, whether it was meeting with first responders, teachers, small business owners, focusing on Missouri Right to Life or the second amendment.

“Most of the time I just rode through the towns,” Baragary said. “When I came through Boonville there was some people out on the street in front of the courthouse wanting to greet me.”

He made stops in Salisbury to visit friends, talk with people in their yards or those who were curious about what he was doing. Two topics that frequently came up in discussions with residents were agriculture and transportation, he said. He was joined for a couple days by Mat Freese who is running for Western District Commissioner in Howard County.

The final day of the trip was dedicated to his mother, Janice Baragary.

“The entire 11-day ride was a phenomenal experience, riding through all six counties of the 48th Missouri House of Representatives District,” he said.