Boonville council prepares for budget amendments

Charles Dunlap

The city is preparing for any budget amendments or changes next month, so the Boonville City Council on July 6 discussed various capital projects and other initiatives planned by the city.

While the city has crossed some projects of its list, a number have rolled over, City Manager Kate Fjell said.

The first discussion item was the Soccer Complex. There still are a few drainage issues that need to be addressed and a sidewalk to field No. 5 still needs to be constructed.

“We have asked the Parks crew to do the work that is remaining,” Fjell said, adding because there currently is not work release from the Boonville Correctional Center Parks crews are doing more general maintenance than before, such as mowing. “Nothing is critical or crucial [at the fields] right now.”

The city was able to save money on operational costs since the fields were not in use due to COVID-19.

More major projects include those with regard to the YMCA and Kemper Campus improvements.

A $250,000 parking lot construction project is underway. Library Learning Center improvements have an up to $200,000 budget.

Asbestos abatement at the D Barracks and Academic Hall likely will be at city costs. A program that would have paid 100% of the removal costs no longer is available, Fjell said.

An unbudgeted improvement is the replacement of a Dectron Unit for up to $100,000 at the YMCA pool. The equipment helps regulate pool humidity, and was more than 20 years old. Repair would cost around $30,000, but the device’s age would make it harder to source parts, Fjell said.

Gaming funds, which Fjell estimated the city to lose $600,000 to $650,000, help pay for street repairs.

Depending on budget adjustments the only projects the city may be able to afford are a $65,000 mill and overlay and street work at Maple and Cherry streets, Weyland Road and 11th Street, Walnut and Fourth streets, Lakeside Drive at Ashley Road, Krohn Street at Tisdale Drive, the Isle of Capri parking lot at the sanitary sewer main and Pearre Lane, and $40,000 in concrete street work and crack sealing.

Other projects, such as at Third, Sixth and Fourth streets and the Kemper ring road will need significant investment, which possibly could be combined with stormwater improvements, according to the council meeting packet.

Other parks, tourism, airport, maintenance, health department, public works and technology projects remain on the city’s list, but do not have committed funding sources at this time. There also is no time frame for those projects. Possible funding sources could come from gaming funds and other city tax funds.