Former Boonville radio news director arrested for probation violation

Charles Dunlap
Bob Bosma

Robert Bosma, 72, who pleaded guilty Aug. 5 to child molestation was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of a probation violation.

Bosma was the news director of KWRT in Boonville until he was charged last year. He originally was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but that was suspended to five years probation.

Cooper County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Phelps filed a motion Thursday to revoke Bosma’s probation, which would lead to him serving his original 15-year sentence.

Bosma has a right to admit or deny the alleged violation, which ultimately could lead to a hearing on it, Phelps said.

“He allegedly consumed alcohol, which is against the condition of his probation,” he said.

While probation requirements for those convicted of child molestation are more stringent, the rule against possession or consumption of alcohol is a standard probation condition, Phelps said.

“At least in Cooper County, that is a standard condition of probation,” he said.

The victim in the case, now 14, opted to not testify at the trial earlier this month. The defense had offered the 15-year suspended sentence as part of a plea deal with Phelps.

Bosma’s total bond was set at $4,500 cash and surety. He is not currently listed as an inmate at the Cooper County Detention Center.

Phelps hopes that when a hearing is held Bosma is required to serve his original 15-year sentence.

“I am going to ask the judge to revoke his probation and sentence him to the Missouri Department of Corrections for his full sentence,” he said. “I will need to prove probable cause.”

If Bosma admits to the violation, sentencing can happen directly afterward, Phelps said. If he denies, then a hearing will take place.

“I absolutely believe I have more than sufficient evidence to prove he violated his probation by consuming alcohol,” he said. “If the the judge does find probable cause, I am going to recommend he serve his full 15 years in prison.”

Because Bosma allegedly violated his probation so soon after his original sentencing, Phelps hopes he can convince the judge Bosma needs to serve time.