MU Extension offers virtual strength training for older adults

Staff Writer
Boonville Daily News

University of Missouri Extension now is offering its Stay Strong, Stay Health program for older adults through Zoom.

The new eight-week class starts Monday. One-hour session are held 1 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.

“This low-impact strength training program challenges participants through incremental increases in exercise volume and intensity,” program co-instructor Lindsey Steveson said. “The virtual classes will be led by two certified instructors and participants will complete a warmup, a prescribed set of upper- and lower-body exercises and a cool-down.”

The 16-session class if $50 or just over $3 per session. Registration deadline is noon Monday. Visit the program’s event website or call Stevenson at 417-682-3579 or email

“MU Extension exercise specialists have adapted the program so that it can be available to Missourians from the comfort of their homes,” she said. “Through the pandemic, MU Extension is still serving Missourians by providing programs and education in new ways to help improve their health.”