News from Bunceton: School district celebrates red-ribbon week

Sarah Kuschel
Special to Boonville Daily News
Levi Ray was selected as the overall winner in the elementary costume contest Oct. 29 during red-ribbon week with his Peterbilt tractor with working headlights.

Bunceton School students celebrated Red Ribbon Week Oct. 26-29.

Students and staff wore red-colored clothing and boots on Monday, camouflage on Tuesday, clothing that sported their favorite sports team on Wednesday, and Halloween costumes on Thursday.

Red-ribbon week is a national drug abuse prevention campaign.

Elementary costume winners were Paxton Phillips for Pre-K, Colton Oliver for Kindergarten, Emma Sowers for first grade, Ka'Leah Williams for second grade, Evelyn Bishop for third grade, Zeke Lyons for fourth grade and Emma Knipp for fifth grade.

Levi Ray won overall best costume for the elementary dressed as a Peterbilt semi.

Middle school winners were Christian Schler, Kalen Parkhurst and Everett Bradford-Sturguess each received honorable mention, Aayden Zimmerman for sixth grade, Aubrey Thompson for seventh grade, and Hannah Empie for eighth grade.

Addison Ray had the best costume overall.

High school winners were Payden Green for the freshmen, Kylee Myers for the sophomores, Garrison Parkhurst for the juniors, and Hayden Brandes won best costume overall the high school classes.

The elementary classes also had a pumpkin decorating contest.

There were many creative pumpkins showing the imaginations of each student.

City Clerk Dawn Kuster and Mayor Justin Hein delivered Halloween treats recently to Zeke Lyons and other Bunceton school children who are quarantined at home.

Emma Knipp's pumpkin was decorated as a puff fish using candy corn, which took patience and determination to place each piece of candy about the same distance apart.

Reigan Thompson received the most detailed designed pumpkin award. Evelyn Bishop got best engraved pumpkin. Addalie Saylor had the best themed pumpkin. Fatimah Alabidi had the scariest pumpkin and Riley Arnold had the detailed pumpkin. Kyla Williams had the most detailed pumpkin.

Averi Zimmerman had an over-the-top pumpkin, Ka'Leah Williams had a unique pumpkin, and Maveryk Myers had the most adorable pumpkin. Adalyn Smith's pumpkin was selected as the most haunted, Lilly Oliver's was the best engraved, and Allison Stull's was deemed "The Great Pumpkin." Piper Moore had a nice Halloween themed pumpkin, Rosie Gilliam had a colorful pumpkin, and Xander Phillips had the scariest face pumpkin. Best picture scene pumpkin was done by Kailynn Williams, a colorful pumpkin was done by Alan Arnold, and Jeffrey Eaton had the overall scariest pumpkin.

Emma Sower's cutest pumpkin was carved into a unicorn, Rawhi Alabidi had the creepiest pumpkin and Anthony Stull had the prettiest pumpkin. Byrdie Bradford-Sturguess's Cartoon Cat pumpkin earned a silly award.

Pre-Kindergarten students, Wyatt Holt got the best superhero pumpkin, Emma Draffen was the best painted pumpkin, and Gatlin Bell had the best idea pumpkin. More pre-school students had Jensen Oliver getting the most original scene pumpkin, Raelea Eaton had the best decorated pumpkin, Paxton Phillips had the funniest pumpkin, Isaiah Pearson the best face pumpkin, Evelyn Tuttle the best costume pumpkin, and Beau Benny the most life like pumpkin. 

Bunceton hosts band clinic

Middle and high school students from Prairie Home, Jamestown, Higbee, and Bunceton came together Oct. 27 to learn and perform at the Cooper County Activities Association Band Clinic in Bunceton.

Bunceton High School hosted the Cooper County Activities Association Band Clinic on Oct. 27. 

Band students from Higbee, Jamestown, and Prairie Home joined Bunceton that afternoon to learn from clinicians, Grant Maledy and Kurt Bauche. Maledy conducted the middle school band while Bauche took on the high school band.

Students performed that evening.

Middle school participants were were Codi Umstattd, Marie Baepler, Hannah Fowler, Sarah Searles, Madilyn Kuester, Lukas Derboven, AnnaBelle Perkins, Kylie Allen, Brooklyn Davis, Boden Welch, Samantha Wilson, Alyssa Cargile, Ava Marcum, Riley Shadwick, Hunter Scott, Lindsey Grimsley, James Danks, JD Umstattd, Haleigh Gerke, Mason Martin, Christian Schler, Maddie Siedel, Zack Wells, Michelle Sedgwick, Shepherd Lawson, Braxton Turner, Jaice Schmidt, Noah Wane, Parker Gerdt, Hannah Empie, Honey Janssen, Haylee Irvin, Billie Jo Westfall, Ty Dedrick, Owen Gentzch, Colton Wyckoff, Benaiah Hodges, Danny Janssen and Paige Pearson.

CCAA musicians performing in the high school band were James Scheperle, Anna Eddy, Treye Coffelt, Savannah Tracy, Emma Baepler, Grace Hodges, Hailey Milne, Christian Nieves, Madelyn Rutledge, Anna Scheperle, Mikalya Haldiman, Kaelyn Crews, Olivia Oerly, Shayne Harlan, Jordan Ponder, Katie Crews, Raena Lieser, Ryan Small, Dallas Hendren, Jolene Sorrells, Luke Baepler, Allison Simmons and Carter Monroe. 

Haunted trailer

Because the Haunted School was canceled this year due to COVID-19, FineLine Racing made a haunted trailer and placed it downtown for the people attending the Bunceton Trunk-or-Treat.

Turkey shoot planned

Wallace Masonic Lodge is having a turkey shoot Sunday at the Bunceton City Park.

The lodge is raising money for scholarships given to graduating seniors and for its reading program at Cooper County schools.

Even if you don't shoot, you can pay to have someone shoot for you for your chance to get a turkey.