Massa, Harvey awarded Hero's Resolution

Boonville Daily News
Tanner Fahrendorf, Assistant Chief Blackwater Fire Dept, A.J. Massa, Mason Harvey, and Representative Chuck Bayse.

At the end of the Blackwater R-II Veteran's Day assembly, Representative Chuck Bayse awarded Hero's Resolutions to A.J. Massa and Mason Harvey for their life-saving actions on August 6th, 2021. 

While in Blackwater that day, the two 13 year olds came upon a man trapped under a riding lawnmower, while its motor ran and blades continued to spin. The man was gasping for air, having trouble breathing and speaking. Mason was able to safely crawl under the mower to turn it off. He then called his father, Jason, a first responder with the Blackwater Fire Department, knowing he was at the station preparing for the annual hog roast. A.J. and Mason pushed the lawnmower up and off of the man, and although he was still in much pain, he was able to breath and speak again. Blackwater Fire arrived on scene and took command. 

Tanner Fahrendorf, Assistant Chief and long time member of the Blackwater Fire Department, wanted the boys to be recognized for their actions and started the process with the office of Rep. Tim Taylor.

Mason Harvey, now 14, did not end his heroism with this act. On Friday, September 24, 2021, Mason was with his Uncle, Will Norman, when they came upon a car they believed to have missed a curve. Its front end was on fire with an unconscious man trapped inside and all doors locked. Will used a sledgehammer to bust open the passenger window, but the button did not work and they could not unlock the doors. The driver's side was too high for them to reach from the ground. Mason and Will had to climb in the car to try to pull the man out. It took two attempts as the flames grew and the fire spread, before they were able to pull him out through the passenger side. Right after they were all out of the car, the tire they were next to blew. Mason and Will managed to drag the man farther out of the thicket to a safe distance near the side of the road when the gas tank blew.