Council looks at revised animal ordinance, will hear first reading on Nov. 1

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

The Boonville City Council had a number if issues to discussed at Monday night’s meeting from animal and fowl ordinance, improvements at Johnston Field House to Fox Hollow Subdivision.

Although several of the items discussed were first readings and will be decided at the next council meeting, they still weighed heavily on the board.

Boonville City Administrator Kate Fjell said the council looked at the revised animal ordinance, which relates primarily to chickens, and will move to a first reading at the next council meeting in November.

Also, on the agenda, the council also took up conversation on the Robinson outdoor sign proposal discussion for the Boonville City Soccer Fields. Fjell said Robinson had brought the council a proposal that in exchange for an easement for them putting a billboard near the soccer fields that the city would in return get a LED signage at the soccer fields in trade. Fjell said the council will again move forward with a first reading in November.

In new business, the council considered a resolution from GBH Builders in Jefferson City for improvements (lights) at Johnston Field House in Boonville at a cost of $18,000. The council also held a first reading authorizing and approving the Ameren MO Electric and gas franchise. Fjell said once every 20 years, the city has an agreement with Ameren UE that has dated back to the 70s or 80s. She said the 20 years was up so the city just renewed the agreement with Ameren UE. The same was also true with the Ameren MO lighting agreement.

In addition to the agreement by the city with Ameren UE, the council also approved the street closure for Saint Peter & Paul Catholic Parish for the annual Turkey Dinner on November 7 (drive through only).

Also, the council considered approval of highway road salt bid for 2021-22. Fjell said the city purchased 750 tons of salt, which was slightly down from last year when they bought 1,500 tons. “We bought a little less this year, but that's because we didn't use as much last year,” Fjell said. “We just fill it up every year and what we use we use. It doesn't go bad.”

As for reports from standing committees, Fjell said Fox Hollow came to Planning and Zoning to provide an amended preliminary play for the park land and little bit phases of development. She said Planning and Zoning approved the preliminary plan and then recommended to council that they take the items that they had set aside back in February to go ahead and bring them back for consideration. “We’ll do third reading of annexation and the preliminary plat at the November 1 meeting, and then council will set a public hearing on November 15 at 6 p.m. to take comments on Fox Hollow,” Fjell said. “We should take a vote on November 15.”

The Boonville Police Board also recommended that in the next budget year the council should consider, to recruit police officers, $5,000 for repayment for their training. Fjell said the conversation will be taken up more in December and January. She said many police departments are paying or hiring people uncertified and paying them to go to school and pay them a wage. “There’s just a real shortage of police officers,” Fjell said. “There’s a shortage of lots of people but police officers included, so that conversation will ongoing during the budget session.

In reports from city officials, Fjell said a memo was included about traffic signal timing or trying to work with MoDOT to have better coordination on all of the signals on Main Street. She said the city will  move forward with something called dynamic max programming, which essentially just allows the lighting cabinet to respond to traffic incidences on its own. ”Currently MoDOT comes in and alters the timing in our cabinets, so now it will sense itself and will open up the main street lanes for a longer time,” Fjell said. “The biggest change people will see from dynamic max programming in order to utilize that we’re eliminating the flashing lights from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., so it will be red, yellow, green, 24 hours a day.”

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 1 at the city council chambers at 525 E. Spring Street in Boonville, starting at 7 p.m.