Boonville R-1 School to host ribbon cutting for connector at BHS and B-Tech on Thursday

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

Boonville R-1 Superintendent Sarah Marriott said a ribbon cutting to introduce the connector new B-Tech and high school will be held on Thursday, August 19 at 5:30 p.m. at the BHS Commons.

Marriott said Boonville R-I Board Member Jim Gann will say a few words, and then tours will be offered of the new facility for the community.

“We’re really excited to show that, and then afterwards we’re going to also host a barbecue for the community just as a thank you for your continued support,” Marriott said. “We’re just really excited about all of the new things happening within our district and ready to get the year started.”

The new addition between the B-Tech and high school is Phase 1 of a $10 million project, which included other projects within the district. Marriott said the new facility will include six classrooms, however, the district is also moving a couple of career center classes and a couple of high school classes into the connector. She said the facility will also have space for some storage as well as a meeting space.

“We’re excited about just expanding the space for both of those buildings,” Marriott said. “We also added bathrooms to the new facility. We didn’t have bathrooms that were primarily dedicated to the wing or commons/gymnasium area. You actually had to go down the high school hallway to utilize the restroom facilities, so we've added space for restrooms. We've also added some trophy displays, so that we can display academics, sports, band and choir trophies in that area for people to look at, and then we also have, which has been a concern for people when we made the addition, of how will they access the athletic complex. There's a breezeway that is in the original structure, where they originally went through that. We'll be able to lock down the high school and we'll be able to lock down the B-Tech and people can pass through that enclosed space to get to the athletic complex.”

With a little more square footage added to the commons, Marriott said it creates the look of a lot more space. She said old trophy cases that were built into the walls as well as the teeters were eliminated. She said the the district will be moving to digital displays with the exception of state championships and some district championship trophies. “We’re going to keep those but everything else is going to be moved to a digital display that people can access on the Boonville R-1 web site.

“There will be an app that people will be able to access and look at any time, however, that project is ongoing ,” Marriott said. “We have a company that is creating those digital displays, so once we find out when those displays are actually going to be finished for our particular buildings, then we can start uploading pictures.”

With the Phase 1 project starting in March of 2019 and wrapping up this summer, Marriott said the district is now into Phase 2, which is David Barton School, and the heating and cooling at Hannah Cole Primary.

All in all, Marriott said the new facility and other additions are something that the kids can be proud of and the community can be proud.

“I feel confident and the community should feel very proud of supporting that," Marriott said. "It creates a safe space for students, so they're not going in and out. We don't have to worry about them going out in the weather. It also creates a physical connection between our B-Tech as well as our high school, which hopefully will encourage more students to consider programs at either of those buildings. It creates needed space that we've needed for those growing buildings and programs, so really it was a great win for our community and our high school students. The kids no longer have to go outside. They'll never have to go outside again, except to come in and out at the beginning of day and end of day. We're excited about it and can't wait to show it off.”