Prairie Home Fair Results

Nancy Kixmiller

Prairie Home, July 13, 2021


Champion Suffolk Ewe: Karlea Bolser; Reserve Champion Suffolk Ewe: Sophia Bolser; Champion Commercial Ewe: Gentry Duncan; Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe: Dillon Rapp; Overall Grand Champion Ewe: Gentry Duncan; Overall Reserve Grand Champion Ewe: Dillon Rapp; Class #1 Market Lamb Winner: Sophia Bolser; Class #2 Market Lamb Winner: Jefferson Day; Class #3 Market Lamb Winner: Hayden Duncan; Class #4 Market Lamb Winner: Gentry Duncan; Overall Grand Champion Market Lamb: Hayden Duncan; Overall Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Gentry Duncan; Sheep Showmanship 13 and Over: Gentry Duncan; Sheep Showmanship 12 and Under: Addison Knigge;

High Premium: Gentry Duncan; 27 sheep total.


Fullbood/Purebred Junior Doe Division Winner: Chase Litton; Division Reserve: Khaden Litton; Fullblood/Purebred Yearling Doe Division Winner: Morgan Schreck; Overall Grand Champion Fullblood/Purebred Doe: Chase Litton; Overall Reserve Fullblood/Purebred Doe: Khaden Litton; Percentage Junior Doe Division Winner: Alee Thornhill; Division Reserve: Katrina Thomas; Percentage Yearling Doe Division Winner: Brenna Whitlow; Division Reserve: Loralei Strange; Percentage Senior Doe Division Winner: Raylynn Wilfong; Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe: Alee Thornhill; Overall Reserve Percentage Doe: Katrina Thomas; Fullblood/Purebred Buck Junior Division Winner: Carsyn Petree

Division Reserve: Morgan Schreck; Fullblood/Purebred Buck Senior Division Winner: Dixie Thaller; Overall Grand Champion Fullblood/Purebred Buck: Carsyn Petree; Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood/Purebred Buck: Dixie Thaller; Class #1 Market Goat Winner: Brenna Whitlow; Class #2 Market Goat Winner: Brodie Swinler; Class #3 Market Goat Winner: Katrina Thomas; Class #4 Market Goat Winner: Brodie Swinler; Class #5 Market Goat Winner: Alee Thornhill; Overall Grand Champion Market Goat: Brodie Swinler; Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat: Brenna Whitlow; Showmanship 13 and Over: Brenna Whitlow; Showmanship 12 and Under: Brodie Swinler; High Premium: Brenna Whitlow

Sheep/Goat Judge: Jade Jenkins- Marshall, MO; 39 Goats total.


Champion Berkshire Boar: Eadlin Hedgepath; Champion Duroc Boar: Gunnar Bolinger; Champion Crossbred Boar: Morgan Schreck; Overall Grand Champion Boar: Gunnar Bolinger; Overall Reserve Grand Champion Boar: Eadlin Hedgepath; Champion Berkshire Gilt: Eadlin Hedgepath; Champion Duroc Gilt: Treagan Porter; Champion Hampshire Gilt: Gage Bolinger; Champion Hereford Gilt: Elena Baker; Champion Landrace Gilt: Collin Althoff; Champion Poland Gilt: Colby Fosnow; Champion Spot Gilt: Colby Fosnow; Champion Yorkshire Gilt: Mabel Schrader; Overall Grand Champion Purebred Gilt: Treagan Porter (DUROC); Overall Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt: Bryan Sardis (DUROC); Champion December Commercial Gilt: Morgan Schreck; Champion January Commercial Gilt: Kimber Hammond;

Champion February Commercial Gilt: Peyton Niemeier; Champion March Commercial Gilt: Emma Batye

Overall Grand Champion Commercial Gilt: Peyton Niemeier; Overall Reserve Grand Champion Commerical Gilt: Kale Hammond; Champion Overall Grand Supreme Gilt: Peyton Niemeier (Commercial);

Reserve Overall Grand Supreme Gilt: Treagan Porter (Duroc); Class #1 Market Hog Winner: Eadlin Hedgepath; Class #2 Market Hog Winner: Gage Bolinger; Class #3 Market Hog Winner: Trey Porter; Class #4 Market Hog Winner: Trey Porter; Class #5 Market Hog Winner: Faith Ashley; Class #6 Market Hog Winner: Kale Hammond; Class #7 Market Hog Winner: Lyla Bolinger; Class #8 Market Hog Winner: Colby Fosnow; Class #9 Market Hog Winner: Sawyer Bolinger; Class #10 Market Hog Winner: Gunnar Bolinger; Overall Grand Champion Market Hog Winner: Trey Porter; Reserve Overall Grand Champion Market Hog Winner: Peyton Niemeier; 17 and Over Showmanship- Peyton Niemeier; 13-16 Showmanship- Gavin Roe; 12 and Under Showmanship- Treagan Porter; High Premium: Peyton Niemeier. Judge: Shawn Varner, Kansas City. 97 hogs, a record for the Prairie Home Fair.


95 Head Total

Bottle Calves

Elena Baker- 1st

Kaden Reuter- 2nd

Brielle Rentel- 3rd


Champion Charolais Bull- Paige Shelton

Champion Hereford Bull- Mabel Schrader

Champion Red Angus Bull- Clayton Imhoff

Champion Simmental Bull- Ethan Alpers

Champion Foundation Simmental Bull- Paige Alpers

Grand Champion Bull of all Breeds- Paige Alpers, Foundation Simmental

Reserve Champion Bull of all Breeds- Mabel Schrader, Hereford


Champion Angus Heifer- Chase Litton

Champion Braunvieh Heifer- Gracie Imhoff

Champion Charolais Heifer- Haley Imhoff

Champion Composite Charolais- Vivian McGaugh

Champion Chi- Nora-Kate McGaugh

Champion Hereford- Aubrey Ritchie

Champion Mini-Hereford- Gemma McGaugh

Champion Red Angus- Clayton Imhoff

Champion Simmental- Paige Alpers

Champion Foundation Simmental- Karys Carver

Champion Crossbred- Gentry Duncan

Overall Grand Champion Heifer- Vivian McGaugh

Overall Reserve Champion Heifer- Aubrey Ritchie

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair- Rose Schrader

Grand Champion Herd (3 Females, 1 Bull)- 4A Simmental

Reserve Champion Herd- Schrader Polled Herefords

Market Animals

Grand Champion Market Heifer- Clayton Imhoff

Class #1 Market Steer Winner- Avery Sullard

Class #2 Market Steer Winner- Hayden Duncan

Class #3 Market Steer Winner- Gentry Huth

Class #4 Market Steer Winner- Jackson Day

Class #5 Market Steer Winner- Adrianna Day

Class #6 Market Steer Winner- Chase Litton

Class #7 Market Steer Winner- Gentry Duncan

Class #8 Market Steer Winner- Daisie Huth

Class #9 Market Steer Winner- Paige Shelton

Grand Champion Steer- Chase Litton

Reserve Champion Steer- Daisie Huth

Overall Grand Champion Market Animal- Chase Litton

Overall Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal- Clayton Imhoff

Showmanship Buckle 17 & Over- Gracie Imhoff

Showmanship Buckle 13-16- Chase Litton

Showmanship Buckle 12 & Under- Nora-Kate McGaugh

High Premium Winner- Paige Alpers

The results of the Prairie Home Fair Horse Show, held on June 24:

Open Halter: 1st - Xtreme T3, Vikki Wehmeier; 2nd - Remington, Aden Estes; 3rd - Tuff, Kelcy Mullett.

Open English: 1st - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett;  2nd - Chex, Avery Sullard; 3rd - Cherokee, Diana Thomas.

Leadline: 1st - Remington, Nevaeh Kuester. 2nd -  Grey, Virgil Lackman; 3rd - Oliver, Evelyn Arnold; 4th - Sammy, Stetson Peoples.

Open Gaited: 1st - Cherokee, Diana Thomas; 2nd - XL, Morgan Heiland.

Horsemanship (12 & under): 1st - Chex, Avery Sullard.; 2nd - Paint, Cooper Brandes; 3rd -  Blue, Brielle Rentel; 4th - Cheesie, Logan Mullett; 5th - Maggie, Justice Case.

Horsemanship (13-17): 1st - Misty, Clara Jo Lackman; 2nd - Cloud, Dorothy Lackman; 3rd - Toby, Mackenzie March; 4th - Carly, Madelynn Gerlach; 5th - Khaki, Abby Arnold.

Open Costume: 1st - Thunder, Madison Childress. 2nd - Chex, Avery Sullard; 3rd - Remington, Kuester/Gerke kids; 4th - old Mare, Weston Brandes; 5th - Gambler, Diana Thomas.

Women’s Western Pleasure (18 & over): 1st - Kiss My Buns, Mona Prater; 2nd - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett; 3rd - Streakin for Victory, Beth Cole.

Egg & Spoon (12 & under): 1st - Old Mare, Weston Brandes; 2Nd - Jake, Josie Long; 3Rd - Maggie, Justice Case; 4Th - Paint, Cooper Brandes; 5th - Oliver, Riley Arnold.

Egg & Spoon (13-17): 1st - Cloud, Dorothy Lackman; 2nd - Misty, Clara Lackman; 3rd - Stormie, Sadie Streck; 4th - Carly, Madelynn Gerlach; 5th - Venus, Abby Gerke.

Egg & Spoon (18 & over): 1st - Misty, Linda Lackman; 2nd - Charlie, Morgan Heiland; 3rd - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett.

Men’s Western Pleasure: 1st - Kiss My Buns, Pat Prator; 2nd - Charm, Everett Kuester; 3rd - Venus, Brian Kuester.

Pony Pleasure: 1st - Buck, Josie Long.

JackPot Western Pleasure: 1st - Streakin for Victory, Beth Cole; 2nd - Kiss My Buns, Mona Prater; 3rd - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett; 4th - Promise, Shalynn Meador; 5th - Carly, Madelynn Gerlach.

Flag Race (12 & under): 1st - Paint, Cooper Brandes; 2nd - Jake, Josie Long; 3rd - Cheesie, Logan Mullett; 4th - Remington, Nevaeh Kuester; 5th - Chex, Avery Sullard.

 Flag Race (13-17): 1st - Misty, Clara Lackman; 2nd - Cloud, Dorothy Lackman; 3rd - Khaki, Abby Arnold; 4th - Stormie, Sadie Streck; 5th - Toby, Mackenzie March.

 Flag Race (18 & over): 1st - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett; 2nd - Misty, Linda Lackman; 3rd -Cherokee, Diana Thomas.

 Barrel Race (8 & under): 1st - Grey, Virgil Lackman.; 2nd - Old Mare, Weston Brandes; 3rd - Remington, Nevaeh Kuester.

 Barrel Race (9-12): 1st - Chex, Avery Sullard.; 2nd - Blue, Brielle Rentel. 3Rd - Jake, Josie Long; 4th -Maggie, Justice Case; 5th-Cheesie, Logan Mullett.

 Barrel Race (13-17): 1st - Cloud, Dorothy Lackman; 2nd - Misty, Clara Lackman; 3rd - Stormie, Sadie Streck; 4th -Khaki, Abby Arnold; 5th - Venus, Abby Gerke.

 JackPot Barrel Race: 1st -  Promise, Shalynn Meador; 2nd - Gambler, Diana Thomas; 3rd - Cloud, Linda Lackman; 4th - Cowboy, Andrea Mullett; 5th - Thunder, Madison Childress.

The Art Hall was open for the duration of the Fair. The premiums were awarded as follows:

Garden Products: Best Cabbage , 1 Head - 1st Ruth Lusk; Best 3 Cucumbers - 1st Parker Gerdt; Best 3 Sweet Peppers - 1st Ruth Lusk; Largest Zucchini Squash - 1st Mary Burger, 2nd Steve Wittenberger; Best 3 Green Beans for Table Use - 1st Mary Burger, 2nd Mary Burger; Best 3 Onions - 1st Ruth Lusk, 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Best Garden Product not Classified Above - 1st David Adair, 2nd Pam Zey.

Orchards: Best Plate of Plums - 1st David Adair; Best Plate of 5 Pears – 1st Peggy Ann Eichen, 2nd Sage Eichenburch; Best Plate of 5 Red Apples - 1st Sage Eichenburch, 2nd Peggy Ann Eichen; Best Orchard Project not Classified Above: 1st Forrest Imhoff, 2nd George Dick.

Horticulture: Wild Flowers: 1st Peter John Newton, 2nd  Parker Gerdt; Day Lilies, Bouquet - 1st Nancy Kixmiller, 2nd Peggy Ann Eichen; Day Lilies, 3 Single Stems, 1 Color: 1st Ruth Lusk; 2nd Nancy Kixmiller; Marigolds, 7 Large Blooms - 1st Andrea Mullet; Marigolds, 7 Small Blooms - 1st Josie Class, 2nd Mary Burger; Petunias, Double Mixed Colors - 1st Andrea Mullet; Petunias, Same Color - 1st Andrea Mullet; Asiatic Lily, one bloom - 1st Georgia Slater, 2nd Miley Brown; Shrub Rose, One Bloom - 1st Georgia Slater, 2nd Ruth Lusk; Miniature Rose, One Bloom - 1st George Dick; Best Rose Not Classified - 1st Ruth Lusk; Most Attractive Dinner Table Centerpiece - 1st Nancy Kixmiller; “Old Time” - any arrangement in antique container - 1st Vicky Simmons, 2nd Logan Mullet; Novelty arrangement in odd container not commonly thought of as a flower container - 1st Aiden Estes, 2nd Steve Wittenberger; “Coffee Break” cup and saucer arrangement - 1st Nancy Kixmiller, 2nd Evelyn Medaris; “Tea Pot” arrangement in any size pot - 1st Nancy Kixmiller, 2nd Ruth Lusk; Miniature Bouquet not to exceed 4 inches in height or width - 1st Ella Hodges, 2nd Ruth Lusk; Prettiest Potted Foliage Plants - 1st Georgia Slater; Prettiest Potted Blooming Flowers - 1st Vicky Simmons, 2nd Georgia Slater; Prettiest Collection of Coleus - 1st Georgia Slater; Best Houseplant - 1st Vicky Simmons, 2nd Janice Rentel; Most flowers displayed artistically on a dime – 1st Evelyn Medaris, 2nd Rowen Medaris

Baked Goods and Candy: Pecan Pie - 1st Lou Ann Wolfe; Bundt Cake - 1st Karleigh Beach; Best Cake Baked by Boy or Girl Under 12 - 1st Presley DeVillier; Prettiest Decorated Cake – Miley Brown; Best Decorated Cake (boy or girl 13 and under); Best Cake not classified above - 1st Leah Wright; Best Display of Cookies (3 kinds or more, 2 of each); Sugar Cookies - 1st Karleigh Beach; Peanut Butter Cookies - 1st Karleigh Beach; Chocolate Chip Cookies - 1st Will Simmons, 2nd Karleigh Beach; Oatmeal Cookies - 1st Miley Brown; Best plate cookies by child 12 and under - 1st Karleigh Beach, 2nd Parker DeVillier; Best Plate of Brownies - 1st Presley DeVillier, 2nd Parker DeVillier; Best Plate of Candy not classified - 1st George Dick; Biscuits - 1st Ruth Lusk; Banana Bread – 1st Allyson Simmons, 2nd Diana Watson; Best quick bread not classified above - 1st Christian Siegel, 2nd Diana Watson; Cinnamon Rolls – 1st Presley DeVillier.


Sewing: Best Practical apron - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Diana Watson; Best Practical Pot Holder - 1st Diana Watson, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Pin Cushion - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Handbag or Purse - 1st Donna Lenger; Best Tote Bag - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Donna Lenger; Best Dress - 1st Grace Hodges; Best Child's Garment - 1st Barb Sanders.

Crochet: Best Crochet piece for Baby - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Crochet Scarf - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Crochet Hat - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Crochet Baby Afghan - 1st Diana Watson; Best Crochet Pot Holder - 1st Barb Sanders; Prettiest Crochet Doily - 1st Carol Norman, 2nd Carol Norman; Prettiest Crochet Bookmark – 1st Carol Norman, 2nd Carol Norman.

Embroidery/Needlepoint: Prettiest embroidered pillow case - 1st Barb Sanders; Prettiest Cross Stitch pillow cases - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Needlepoint, any article - 1st Georgia Slater; Best Machine Embroidered article - 1st Donna Lenger.

Quilts/Piecework: Best Patchwork Pillow - 1st Carol Norman; Best Quilted Table Runner - 1st Donna Lenger, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Appliqued Quilt - 1st Donna Lenger; Best Pieced Quilt - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Cross Stitch Quilt - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Quilt Machine Quilting - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Quilt Hand Quilting - 1st Georgia Slater, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Pieced Child's Quilt - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Design Child's Quilt - 1st Diana Watson, 2nd Donna Lenger; Best Quilt of Show – Georgia Slater; Irene Pearcy Memorial Award Best Piece of Handwork – Barb Sanders.

Knitting: Best Knit Hat - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Knit Mittens - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Knit Baby Blanket of Afghan - 1st Barb Sanders.

Wall Hangings: Best Small Wall Hanging - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Donna Lenger; Best Large Wall Hanging - 1st Donna Lenger, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Wall Hanging any kind - 1st Donna Lenger, 2nd Shaye Siegel, Prettiest Floral Wall Hanging - 1st Donna Lenger.

Ornaments/Novelties: Best Christmas Tree Skirt - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Christmas Ornament - 1st Jolene Hawthorne, 2nd Barb Sanders; Best Christmas Novelty - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Peter John Newton; Best Easter Egg - 1st Peter John Newton, 2nd Peter John Newton; Best Easter Novelty - 1st Barb Sanders, 2nd Donna Lenger; Best Thanksgiving Novelty - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Kitchen Novelty - 1st Donna Lenger.

Miscellaneous (Crafts): Best Oil Painting - 1st Georgia Slater, 2nd – Georgia Slater; Best Acrylic Painting - 1st Kamden Holliday, 2nd Kamden Holliday; Best Pencil Drawing – 1st Logan Mullet, 2nd George Dick; Best Stenciling (any article) - 1st Miley Brown; Best Hand Painted Article - 1st Madison Brown, 2nd Miley Brown; Best Homemade Doll - 1st Barb Sanders; Best Stuffed Animal - 1st Donna Lenger; Best Craft Article made of wood - 1st Kelcy Mullet, 2nd Shaye Siegel; Best Jewelry Piece - 1st Shaye Siegel, 2nd Shaye Siegel; Best Scrapbook - 1st Christian Siegel, 2nd Shaye Siegel; Best Photograph, black and white - 1st Logan Mullet, 2nd Aden Estes; Best Photograph, Landscape - 1st Debbie Swanson, 2nd Allison Simmons; Best Photograph, close up - 1st Debbie Swanson, 2nd Allison Simmons; Best Photograph, inanimate object - 1st Allison Simmons, 2nd Sheila Brown; Best Photograph, portrait - 1st Shaye Siegel, 2nd Sheila Brown; Best New Craft of Show - 1st Shaye Siegel, 2nd Kathy Wallace; Best Craft 8 years and under - 1st Brielle Rentel, 2nd Ruth Lusk; Best Craft 12 years and under - 1st Rowen Medaris; 2nd Logan Waibel; Best Craft 16 and under - 1st Miley Brown, 2nd Evelyn Medaris.

Pantry Stores: Canned Peaches - 1st Angela Hedgpeth; Canned Pears - 1st Sharon Davis; Best canned fruit not classified above - 1st Pam Zey; Apple Butter - 1st Christia Siegel; Strawberry Jam - 1st Sharon Davis, 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Best Jam or butter not classified above - 1st Sarah Hodges; Blackberry jelly - 1st Pam Zey, 2nd Sharon Davis; Grade Jelly - 1st Chanda Lusk; Best Jelly not classified above - 1st Sharon Davis, 2nd Chanda Lusk; Canned Beans (snap) - 1st Mary Burger, 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Canned Carrots - 1st D. J. Beach; Canned corn - 1st D. J. Beach; 2nd Karleigh Beach; Canned Tomatoes - 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Canned tomato juice - 1st Chanda Lusk, 2nd Pam Zey; Best canned vegetable or juice not classified - 1st Chanda Lusk, 2nd Kinzie Waible; Best Relish - 1st Chanda Lusk, 2nd Ann Kuester; Best Salsa - 1st Kinzie Waibel, 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Best Zucchini Relish - 1st Ann Kuester; Bread and Butter Pickles - 1st Ann Kuester, 2nd Christian Siegel; Cucumber Pickles, Dill - 1st Christian Siegel, 2nd David Adair; Cucumber Pickles, Sweet - 1st Christian Siegel; Pickled Okra - 1st Chanda Lusk; Tomato Catsup - 1st Steve Wittenberger, 2nd Pam Zey; Best Pickle of Relish not classified above – 1st Steve Wittenberger, 2nd Angela Hedgpeth; Best Dozen White Eggs - 1st Peggy Ann Eichen, 2nd Abby Gerke; Best Dozen Brown Eggs - 1st Ruth Lusk, 2nd Christian Siegel; Best Dozen Araucana Eggs - 1st Neveah Kuester, 2nd Neveah Kuester.