Disc golf comes to Boonville 9 hole style at Kemper park

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Nine DD Patriot baskets have been installed at each hole for players to master their craft around trees and creeks. The nine hole disc golf course is a par 27 course at 2,274 feet.
Signage has been added to each hole to give disc players the length and layout for that particular hole in addition to a barcode on the pole to allow players to log in and keep score.
Boonville Parks and Recreation Director Paul Linhart and Kathleen Conway, parks board member, stand by the new disc golf course sign at Kemper park. The nine hole course was built in April with CIP money from the city of Boonville.

Boonville Parks and Recreation Director Paul Linhart said ever since 2004, he has wanted to build a frisbee golf/disc golf course in Boonville.

But little did he know that after talking with people in the area and surrounding towns that frisbee golf/disc golf was growing at a rapid rate for adults as well as kids.

Played much like golf, except with a frisbee instead of a ball and clubs, Boonville now has a nine hole course at Kemper-located just west of the Midget League field. The par 3, nine hole course was built in April. Linhart said in the first two weeks that the course was open, 40 players had already been there. 

In all, the nine hole course is par 27 and 2,274 feet. 

Frisbee golf or disc golf, which ever you want to call it, was formalized in the 1970s and is much like golf with the object of completing each hole with the fewest strokes, or in this case fewest throws. 

“I just think it’s a big plus,” Linhart said. “You’ve got people that play soccer and baseball and this now adds one more thing out there. Frisbee golf just brings a whole different sport for other people out there that they can play at any age at no cost. That’s one of the biggest things right there. I have been wanting to do this since 2004, and then former Boonville Parks and Recreation Director Gary Nauman and myself attended a conference and Gateway Disc put on a presentation about disc golf courses. Of course the biggest problem then was location. At the time we were playing a lot of soccer at Kemper and we couldn’t use the fields then, but after the soccer complex was built at the high school, that kind of opened up Kemper more.”

Linhart said there was also some talk about putting the course at Rolling Hills but you already have people walking out there and the youth playing softball so it would be heavily congested.

However, after the soccer complex was built several years ago by the city to free up Kemper park, Linhart said it was a perfect opportunity to go down and build the course.

Linhart said the total cost of the project, which was funded through CIP money, was $5,000.

In addition to all the signage for the course, Linhart said each hole also includes nine Patriot baskets with locks, course design and soon to be concrete pads. The concrete pads, which can be either circular or square, will be poured later this summer.

“What’s neat about this course, and I’m sure a lot of courses are the same, is that you can take a picture of the barcode on the pole and download the app. And then once you log in, it will show you the course on your phone,” Linhart said. “You can also add your score on your phone to keep track that way.”

Boonville’s course is currently nine holes at a range of 200-225 yards for each hole. However, Linhart said there is a possibility in a couple of years of adding another nine holes to make it a 18 hole course. He said the course goes over the hill and across the football field and then comes back across the creek back up towards the tennis courts. 

“We haven't even ventured on farther back to where the football field is,” Linhart said. “We can clear out more area back there and incorporate it back in and have plenty of room for the another nine holes. We can mix it up a little bit and add maybe add longer holes, depending on the room. Like I said, the biggest complaint so far is that we had no tee pads, and we’re going to add them later.”

Linhart said there is also a possibility of having a tournament or putting together a league for disc golf. 

The only cost for players is a frisbee or disc, which can range from $10 to $20 per disc. Linhart also explained that there are  different types of discs. Much like golf, where you have different clubs, disc golf also has an assortment. He said you can get a disc that is heavier for teeing off and then a lighter disc when you are closer to the hole. 

Along with Boonville, Linhart said there are four courses currently in Columbia, three in Jefferson City and one in each Marshall, Clark, Camdenton, Warsaw, Marceline.