99 students receive recognition during Awards Night

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Five members of the Boonville senior class were awarded a Bright Flight Scholarship Monday night during the Boonville Awards Night at the Windsor gymnasium at Boonville High School. Receiving the Bright Flight Scholarship were (left to right) Jordan Brackman, Mirana Firman, Amanda Newbold, Sophi Waibel, and Cameron Ray.

If adminstration and teachers weren’t proud enough of students at Boonville High School, Awards Night on Monday just proved that Boonville students rank high year in and year out.

Boonville Principal Tim Edwards, who is retiring at the end of the school year, said a total of 99 students received awards but noted that some of the awards were not scholarships such as the Presidential Academic Fitness Award. He said this award is tough to get because you have to have at least a 26 on your ACT and a 3.5 GPA. 

“The Awards Night was pretty normal,” Edwards said. “It was held in the gym and spread out, but I think it’s just another example of why Boonville is such a great community for students to grow up because they have numerous opportunities here that they can’t get in some other districts. One thing that I thought was unique was Jamie Schenck winning a National Honor Society Scholar Award Scholarship. She was a semifinalist for a national scholarship and I don’t think we’ve ever had that here, but she applied for it and I think got a pretty decent amount of money for it.”

Edwards also read off the number of graduates that will be walking across the stage during commencement on Sunday, May 23 at Gene Reagan field. He said the Class of 2021 had a total of 127 students, with 70 of those possessing a GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, he said 19 seniors are currently in National Honor Society along with five as Bright Flight Scholars, 11 as Presidential Academic Fitness Awards, 13 as George Washington Carver Awards. He said order to receive this award students had to be in the top 10 percent of their class, which this year is a 3.85 and above GPA. Sixty-two students also participated in the A-plus program.

Students also reaped the rewards for their hard work in the classroom, with $67,000 in local scholarship money awarded this year. Edwards $384,000 in renewable scholarship money was also awarded for a total of $819,000 if they stay at their institution for four years.

One notable scholarship, which was presented Monday night, was the Bright Flight Scholars Coordinating Board of Higher Education Scholarship. This year’s recipients were: Jordan Brackman, Marina Firman, Amanda Newbold, Cameron Ray and Sophi Waibel. 

As far as some of the awards presented, senior Andrew Wiser received the Boonville High School Faculty Award-which is voted on by the teachers. Amanda Newbold also received the 27th Annual Missouri Scholars 100 Honorable Mention and the President’s Award for Education Excellence (3.5 GPA and 26 ACT or higher, based on seven semesters) along with Hayden Alley, Jordan Brackman, Skylar Copeland, Marina Firman, Trevor Firman, Kaylin Hartsock, Alan McCormick, Cameron Ray, Jamie Schenck and Sophi Waibel.

Receiving the George Washington Carver Awards were: Jordan Brackman, Skylar Copeland, Brooke Eichelberger, Adrienne Firman, Marina Firman, Olivia Gholson, Gabriel Greis, Zya Hauptmann, Amanda Newbold, Cameron Ray, Jamie Schenck, Sophi Waibel and Andrew Wiser.

Also receiving the Central Missouri Blue Star Mothers Military Recruit Presentation were: Air Force-Fisher Jenkins; Army-Tucker Kaiser; Missouri Army National Guard-Trevor Firman, Michael Keel, Allison McGuire and Cetan Raiti.

Sixty-two students were also recognized as A+ program participants. They were: Alexis Albin, Molly Amos, Brittany Arth, Daylynn Baker, Jodie Bass, Jordan Birk, Alyson Blank, Jordan Brackman, Charlie Bronakowski, Cearra Bruce, Marshall Collins, Justyn Dawson, Riley Dufur, Brooke Eichelberger, Rebecca Evans, Quinton Ewings, Kaya Fenton, Trevor Firman, Keianna Gilden, Mikayla Gramlich, Gabriel Greis, Bryce Harris, Kaylin Hartsock, Zya Hauptmann, Taryn Johnson, Michael Keel, Kourtney Kendrick, Kaullin Kosnopfal, Darren Mackey, Kayla Maier, Saylor Marquez, Alexa Martin, Alan McCormick, Macey Nowlin, Gaige Offineer, Hunter Pethan, Kira Phelps, Kyle Platt, Cameron Ray, Kennedy Renfrow, Kayle Rice, Vincent Runnebaum, Gracie Sadler, Audrey Spears, Spencer Steakley, Carter Stumph, Peyton Taylor, Riley Tenholder, Olivia Thomas, Alexis Trigg, William VayDyke, Sophi Waibel, Harley Waller, Jason Waller, Xavier Ward, Christopher Weisner, Nicholas Weixeldorfer, Lane West, Carter Widel, Corin Wiemholt, Landon Williams and Andrew Wiser.

This year’s presenters during Awards Night were: Tim Edwards, Lisa Pruitt, Chris Shikles and Missy Walker.