Front entrance to Boonville High School will be open on Wednesday

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Boonville Superintendent Sarah Marriott said the new foyer at Boonville High School will be open for business on Wednesday if everything goes as planned. The foyer is part of the Phase 1 project, which was a bond passed by the voters with a no tax increase in 2019.

Boonville High School students could notice a change in the way they enter the school on Wednesday.

According to Boonville Superintendent Sarah Marriott, the front entrance to the school will be officially open to the students and public on Wednesday, May 5.

Of course to set the new entrance/foyer in motion, Marriott said this was approved with the 2019 no tax increase bond. She said this is a project that was the scope of that work and will add security to the high school. 

“Prior to the renovation, when people came into the front entrance, they had full access to the school,” Marriott said. “There was no requirement or avenue just to go through the office first or a buzz system, so what we've done is extend that entryway further into the building. We’ve added bulletproof glass, and now visitors will either have to go in through the office or they'll have to check in at the office and then they can be securely allowed access to the building. 

“But most often, people will come in through the office first and then proceed to the building. If they're coming to visit, it gives a little bit more space for students in the morning so that if it's raining or weather conditions are poor, they could gather inside because there's a larger space now. It just adds a nice aesthetic appeal to the building by adding the height to the front of the high school.”

Marriott said the plan is to move the security features at the north entrance to the main entrance this week. She said the contractor finished up the flooring on Friday, so the hope is that by mid week, they’ll be able to open that up for general use and send out announcements to the public and staff that they can start using that front and main entrance.

Marriott said the new entryway adds security features that are needed for high schools and schools in general. 

“We really needed take the safety of our students and make that a top priority, and this is a feature that was needed,” Marriott said. “We've also been able to add to the look of the facility even though that's minor compared to adding those security features. With those renovations, we were able to improve the whole appeal of the outside, make it look more like a high school  that was built as an elementary school. This is the place where we have the most visitors. We have the most community members in this building because of the events that it hosts, and so we want to make sure that it's safe and secure, and then to make sure that it looks like a high school.”

Marriott also gave an update on the new addition from the high school to the B Tech. 

Marriott said the new addition is going very well. “I went out and visited on Wednesday of this week and they’re installing flooring in the classrooms,” Marriott said. “The classrooms have been painted, and now they're installing ceiling grids. The bathrooms are also almost completely finished. I think some of the things that they're doing, they'll work next on flooring in the hallways in the corridors and finish up any outside detailing any electrical things like that they're needing to finalize, but it's really moving along very quickly.”

Marriott said the plan, or the most recent construction update, is that it would be finished and be ready to turn over the first part of August.”

Several projects from Phase 2 are also in the beginning stages. Marriott said contractors are starting on the HVAC repairs at Hannah Cole Elementary School, so that's progressing nicely. She said those will be completed by this summer as well. 

“Right now we're working on bidding out the rest of the construction project, and that would be David Barton's roof and then some general improvements to electrical at B-Tech and David Barton. Those will be approved at the May board meeting, so depending on availability of materials, supplies, labor force that will dictate the timeframe and when that work will be completed.”

Students and parents will also see a new sign at the entrance of the high school to start the 2021 school year.

Marriott said PIROS, also known as Daktronics, which has done all of the score boards in the district, was awarded the bid to put up an electronic sign in front of the high school. She said once the electrical is taken care of, they’ll start the brick base, which will also be done by PIROS. 

Note: LSE graduation will be held on Friday, May 7 at Gene Reagan field at Boonville High School, starting at 6 p.m.

Jamie Boyd, the english and language arts teacher at LSE, will be the keynote speaker. In addition to teaching ELA, Boyd is also the student council sponsor and also coaches volleyball at LSE.

LSE Principal Stephanie Green said Tim Taylor, the House Representative for the 48th District, will attend the graduation to hand out Glory Awards. Green said these awards, which were selected by teachers, go to students with good characteristics.

Green said students will need to be at the high school by 5:45  p.m. to get in line for graduation. 

Family members and guest are urged to socially distance for the graduation. Wearing a mask is optional, Green said.

Parking will be in front of the high school.

A rain date for graduation has been set for Friday, May 14 at the high school, starting at 6 p.m.