Boonville Police act quickly on attempt by male subject to burn down St. Peter & Paul School

Boonville Daily News
Sean Carlson has been charged with a terrorist threat and harassment after threatening to burn down St. Peter & Paul School in Boonville on Thursday, April 8.

On Thursday, April 8, the Boonville Police Department was dispatched to 502 Seventh Street at St. Peter & Paul Catholic School in reference to a suspicious male subject, later identified as Sean Carlson, with a lighter and an unknown container.

Officers were advised that Carlson had left in a red 2007 Toyota Prius and was heading northbound. Officers checked around the area, but were unable to locate Carlson, according to the probable cause statement.

After locating the vehicle, officers were met by Carlson, who when asked what he was doing at St. Peter & Paul Catholic School, would not talk to the officers. Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said he was then advised by Sergeant Burch, who had been contacted by dispatch, that Mayfield Motors had reported Carlson had been making threats to burn down St. Peter & Paul Catholic School. The probable cause statement said that Carlson was then placed under arrest, and after being searched, a lighter and a box of matches had been discovered in the pocket of Carlson’s jacket.

The officers then went to 1405 West Ashley Road at Mayfield Motors and made contact with a person at that location. That person observed a suspicious white male with brown hair and a brown beard driving the same vehicle seen out at St. Peter & Paul Catholic School. The description and vehicle match the same information as Carlson. Officers then asked what Carlson did while he was there. The witness stated Carlson entered and said he was an arsonist and would burn trees as practice until he saw her again, at which time he would burn her. As Carlson went to leave, he told the person that he would be back. The person went into the shop to get away from Carlson, which is when another person made contact with him.

Officers then made contact with the second witness, who stated Carlson told him he needed a driver to take him down to the Catholic School, so he could burn it down. Officers asked the witness what the subject was driving, to which the witness then described the vehicle that was seen around St Peter and Paul Catholic School. Officers asked the witness if he believed Carlson was serious with his threats, to which the witness stated he believed he was. The witness then informed officers he believed Carlson was serious because he made statements about not liking Catholics.

Officers went to St Peter and Paul Catholic School, where a broken glass vodka bottle and a lighter were on the curb and the grass in front the school. Officers then met with two other witnesses, who stated Carlson entered the school with a bottle and a lighter. The third witness stated Carlson wanted to see his kid. The witness did not think Carlson looked like a parent to any of the children from the school and refused to allow Carlson into the school. The witness then informed officers, Carlson threatened to blow up the school and stated she observed Carlson walk outside and throw the bottle onto the ground.

 It should be noted that when Carlson was at the school, students were in class at the time. There were approximately 176 children in the school at the time of the incident.

Carlson has been charged with a terrorist threat and harassment, which are both first degree felonies.