Boonville Municipal Elections get 17.88 voter turnout

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Cooper County Clerk Sarah Herman said Boonville and Cooper County had 17.88 percent voter turnover for the Municipal General Elections on Tuesday, April 6.

Boonville voters and residents in Cooper County let their pens do the talking on Tuesday, April 6 during the Municipal General Elections.

With a wide variety of items on the Municipal General Election, Sarah Herman-Cooper County Clerk-said overall the elections went great.

“We had a 17.88 percent turnout, which is not a lot but compared to other counties in our area and last year’s Municipal Election, Cooper County turned out,” Herman said. “I am very pleased with my staff and the election judges because without them I could not do my job. Their hard work and dedication to serving the community is remarkable. It can be a very long and challenging day and they (the election judges) continue to serve election after election. Last year’s Municipal Election was moved to June and we were learning a new way of doing things. I feel that Cooper County has adapted very well to our new situation and I could not be more pleased.”

Of the 11,461 registered voters in Cooper County, Herman said 2,049 ballots were casted for a 17.88 percent turnout.

Of course the three biggest items on the ballot was Proposition 2 in Boonville, which would extend the current bond in the Boonville R-I School District. Proposition 2 passed overwhelmingly 899-280. 

Also, on the ballot was two Boonville Council positions up for grabs in Ward 1 and Ward 4. Michael Stock, the incumbent, won over Frank Olson 68-21 in Ward 1. Meanwhile, in Ward 4, Barry Elbert unseated Morris Carter in a close vote 73-69 with one write-in vote. Ward 2 councilman Albert Turner ran unopposed and accumulated 193 votes with five write-in votes, while Whitney Venable, councilman in Ward 3, had 209 votes with three write-in votes.

Brad L. Wooldridge also ran unopposed for Boonville City Attorney and accumulated 582 votes with 26 write-ins. 

For Cooper County Public Health Trustees, which saw nine people competing for three positions, John L. Fangman finished with the highest number of votes with 769. Patty Dick was second with 769, while David Booker finished third with 766.

For Board of Trustees for Village of Windsor, Karen Myers picked up 54 votes while Seth Pirtle had 47 votes and Maeola Rowles 46.

For Pilot Grove Councilman, Sandra Meisenheimer (52) and Donna Bader (47) were selected to the board. Patrick Skain finished third with 34 votes.

Also, for Prairie Home R-V School District, Jamie Lynn Wallingford won with 115 votes while Sandra Waibel had 97, and Adam Scott 67. Only the top two positions were selected to the board.

The following are results of the Municipal Elections in Boonville and Cooper County:

Boonville Attorney

Brad L. Wooldridge, 582

Write-In totals, 26

Boonville Councilman Ward 1

Michael Stock, 68

Frank Olson, 21

Write-In totals, 0

Boonville Councilman Ward 2

Albert Turner, 193

Write-In totals, 5

Boonville Councilman Ward 3

Whitney Venable, 209

Write-In totals, 3

Boonville Councilman Ward 4

Barry Elbert, 73

Morris Carter, 69

Write-In totals, 1

CCPH Trustees

Vote for 3

John L. Fangman, 848

Patty Dick, 769

David Booker, 766

Clark Williamson, 685

Robert Graves, 604

Nancy Krutzsch, 543

Mary K. Painter, 487

Paul Keller, 359

Persephone Lundolos, 141

Write-In totals, 19

Krista L. Phillips, 155

David Morrison, 146

Wilma Watring, 48

Write-In totals, 2

Jamie Lynn Wallingford, 115

Sandra Waibel, 97

Adam Scott, 67

Write-In totals, 17

Amanda M. Blank, 132

M. Scott Hern, 109

Jacqulin Fenton, 73

Write-In totals, 4

Lisa Renee Leathers, 973

Douglas Samuel Giroux, 906

Write-In totals, 27



Jim Myers, 130

Write-In totals, 4

Kelly L. Murphy, 3

Write-In totals, 0

Donald Dietzel, 18

Write-In totals, 0

Eric Kirschman, 29

Write-In totals, 0

Karen Myers, 54

Seth Pirtle, 47

Maeola Rowles, 46

Write-In totals, 5

William Lee May Jr., 66

Tim Gish, 65

Brady Jaco, 58

Sandy Schoen, 35

Write-In totals, 7

David Gann, 45

Write-In totals, 2

Otterville Mayor 

Vote for 1

Deborah Lake, 74

Write-In totals, 33

Dennis Knipp, 60

Write-In totals, 0

Sandra Meisenheimer, 52

Donna Bader, 47

Patrick Skain, 34

Write-In totals, 0