Boonville City Council tables discussion on Fox Hollow Subdivision

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

What was thought to be a big discussion on the Fox Hollow Subdivision Monday night during the Boonville City Council meeting will have to take a backseat for now as the council decided to table any further movement on the subdivision for at least 30 days.

Boonville City Administrator Kate Fjell said the reason for pushing back the discussion on the Fox Hollow Subdivision was due to the developer’s request. She said considering the complexity of the project, especially this magnitude, it’s not unusual to have a delay 30 days or longer.

Of course that was just one of several items on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. The council also considered a resolution for approving an agreement with Frech Paving for asphalt improvements for 2021. 

Fjell said the budget for the entire project is $160,000.

“Every year we go through and do either a chip and seal or we might do an overlay,” Fjell said. “Whatever road improvements are necessary for asphalt improvements, so that's just a standard. It will be just be designated streets.”

The council also considered a resolution for approving an agreement with Insituform Technologies USA LLC for sanitary sewer improvements for 2021.

Fjell said this is for what they call inflow and infiltration. She said that can be rainwater or storm water that gets into the system and can flood the wastewater treatment plant. “We could have old clay pipes and there might be a root intrusion or the manholes are cracked, so we're getting extra water into our system,” Fjell said. “Again, this is an ongoing project. We didn't do anything last year so decided we would have MECO (city engineers out of Jefferson City) do an investigation of one of our three branches to determine the highest need area, so this is the first whack at the investigation that MECO did for us. They looked at all of our sewer lines and identified all the manholes. There's some replacement and some lining. This is all pipelining and then 28 manholes that will be replaced or lined.”

The council also did a first reading on authorizing a lease financing to refund the city’s taxable certificates of participation (Build America Bonds) series 2010B and Series 2013 certificates.

Fjell said the purpose of this is to refinance some of the city’s debt to take advantage of the lower interest rates. “Over the course of the two COPs, we’re refunding the 2010 B and then the 2013,” Fjell said. We're going pay off the 2013 one year earlier than we would have and save approximately $350,000.”

While most of the reports for standing committees were cancelled, Fjell said the Parks and Recreation Board approved a frisbee golf course at Kemper park. 

The Boonville City Council will have a sine die meeting on Tuesday, April 13, which is the closing of this council and the opening of the next council. So next week. The next regular council meeting is the Monday, Aril 19th.

Fjell said the sine die is the official closing or adjournment of the council this year, and then they open the new one, where they swear in the new newly elected council members.