Two subdivisions wait for city council approval

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Ground work has already begun at Boone Point Subdivision in Boonville. The Booonville City Council will have a second reading on Boone Point and Fox Hollow at Monday's City Council meeting.

Two subdivisions on opposite sides of the city could be a huge boon for Boonville if everything goes as planned during the Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting and the March 15 City Council meeting. 

With three subdivisions already planned on Highway 179, Boonville could be the next to reap the windfall of people moving west from Columbia.

But first, the City Council will have to hear the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation and then go through its second reading to determine whether the two projects move forward.

Boonville City Administrator Kate Fjell said the two subdivisions being considered by the council are Boone Point, which is located right next to Rolling Hills park in Boonville, and Fox Hollow, which is east of Highway 87 between Hail Ridge Golf Course and Jesse Viertel Airport.

Fjell said the Planning and Zoning Commission Committee has reviewed that preliminary plat at Fox Hollow and has recommended to the council that they should approve it because it conforms with the specs of the city.  setforth an ordinance. However, Fjell said this preliminary plat and the annexation will not go to a vote until April 5.

“I think it's really exciting to see interest in the development of residential subdivisions in Boonville, Fjell said. “This is not an insignificant subdivision,. We’re adding a lot of homes to our community, and also the townhomes and the four-plexes, so lots of opportunity there. I think it's just going to be a great addition to the city and the city has been working on trying to have more new residential developments.”

Boone Point will consist of 21 acres with 69 single family homes, 24 townhouses and one four-plex.

Terry Wilson and Don Ferris are the developers at Boone Point, Fjell said. 

“They’re not asking for any assistance from the city,” Fjell said. “We’re extending a sewer line out to them. The only thing they have asked for from the Planning and Zoning Commission on February 9 is to do a rezoning for a R-3 zone. This will allow them to do some multi-family units, so the re-zoning is for C-1 and then R-1. The C-1 boundary is getting changed a little bit to allow for R-2 and R3, which will allow for duplexes and four-plexes.”

As for Fox Hollow, Fjell said developer Troy Thurman has asked the city of Boonville to approve a TIF  (tax increment financing) for that subdivision. She said the Thurman initially asked for an 80-20 split, which means that they would receive 80% of the property tax, and then the other taxing jurisdictions would receive 20. 

Fjell said the proposal has since changed to 60-40.

“They've refigured their information, and that's their newest submittal, but that hasn't been discussed at a council level, and no action has been taken on that, it's just been received,” Fjell said.

Fjell said the TIF itself has a significant process to go through still. She said what happens is that they have to annex the property into the city and before they can even call a TIF commission meeting, there's a TIF commission that has to be appointed. 

“The members are going to be appointed at the March 15 meeting,” Fjell said. “There's 11 members and the city appoints six and then five come from other taxing jurisdictions related to from the county to from the school and then one from the other. Once the property is annexed into the city, the TIF commission will have a meeting, and they will begin to review the submittal of the Thurman construction.

“And then they will set a public hearing to review the proposal, so at that time, anyone who has an opinion about the test is able to come to that public hearing, and give their opinion, give their thoughts. Then they will have another meeting and at that point at which they feel ready, they will take a vote on whether to recommend a council to approve the test or not. So if they vote to recommend approval of the TIF to councils and at the council level, they will have a couple readings on it also, and it only requires a simple majority to pass. If the test commission did not recommend approval, than it requires a supermajority by the council to pass.”

Fox Hollow will consist of 216 acres from Highway 87 to Highway 98 and will include 450 single family homes along with duplexes.