News from Bunceton

Sarah Kuschel
Special to the Boonville Daily News
Kai Fennewald spent his school snow day carrying wood to help keep warm in this frigid temperature we have been having.
Addie Lenz brought a jumbo taco for her valentines at Zion Lutheran School.
Daisie Huth had an ATM machine to accept her valentines at the school party.
Zion Activity Center has a new gym floor almost ready for basketball. Painting the floor is the next step.

Cooper County R-IV School Superintendent, Dr. Kathryn Anderson, "has given notice to the qualified voters of the Cooper County R-IV School District, of Cooper County, State of Missouri, that an election for the Cooper County R-IV School District will not be held on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 due to only two individuals signing up for the two vacancies. Therefore, the two candidates, Justin Hein and Ashley Benny, will be sworn into office at the School Board's reorganization meeting." Accounting to Mayor Justin Hein, there will not be any position to fill in any of the city positions. Therefore, it appears that Bunceton will not be holding an April election this year.   

Mason Frieling announced and posted a picture on Facebook that Zion Activity Center has a new gym floor installed and the stripes have been added. Soon there will be basketball games to play on the regulation floor. 

Abby Cunningham, daughter of Katie and David Swearengen of Bunceton, and Shawn and Laurie Cunningham of Boonville, has been selected into the 2020-2021 West Central Women's Honor Choir. Due to Covid-19, this choir is in name only but the honor is the same. Cunningham, along with the other Boonville students selected, will celebrate their honor at the Boonville High School Spring Concert on April 23rd.