McCarter tries his hand at selling real estate

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Boonville's Alan McCarter may be one of the youngest real estate agents in the state of Missouri at age 19. McCarter sells real estate for "The Company" out of Columbia.

Boonville’s Alan McCarter, also known as “Big Al”, may not be the youngest realtor in the state of Missouri at age 19, but that doesn’t keep him from trying something new.

A freshman at Truman State University in Kirksville, McCarter got the idea of selling real estate from his stepdad, Brandon Hicks, who also has a construction company.

McCarter said Hicks had mentioned that Kim Brady, who also sells for The Company Real Estate in Columbia, sells houses for him and makes six percent commission.

“I found out that you don't need a degree to do it,” McCarter said. “You just need to go online and get certified to be able to do it, then you take a test and then you run background checks. Then, if the Missouri real estate commission, which is like the state kind of board for real estate, if they decide that you're good to go, then well, you can deal in real estate. I just thought I've always kind of wanted to get into like land development, anything with real estate, so I thought this is like a great time to do it.”

“I've always kind of wanted to get into like land development, anything with real estate. I just decided I'll get into it and start primarily working with Brandon with his houses. But then I just realized if I really got my name out there, I could really do well in the business. Kim (Brady) is great at what she does and she's basically taking over the Boonville market single handedly. I just I just knew if I got in with her, then I could get to know a lot of different people.”

It didn’t take long for McCarter to take that step in showing/selling real estate. After getting his license on December 31, 2020, McCarter said he has already been a part of one sale. 

But it hasn’t been easy. With a major in business administration and management, McCarter said you either have it or you don’t in the real estate business. 

Luckily, he said Kim (Brady) has brought him along in the beginning and showed him the way to show houses.

“You either know how to talk to people, or you don't,” McCarter said. “I've always really known how to talk to people, and I've always liked real estate. I've always liked houses and have always helped Brandon build houses and stuff. I've always liked how houses are set up, how just how the real estate market works like all in all. It was really cool seeing a first time home buyer, who served in the Army and just got back in August, and how excited he was when he finally saw that house. He knew that he wanted it, so that was really rewarding to me that I was able to show him that house and that he's going to spend a long time in it hopefully.”

Of course McCarter has other ambitions. After finishing his first year at Truman State, McCarter said he will transfer to Missouri this coming fall. 

“I really look at it as kind of a stepping stone for me,” McCarter said. “ I want to do this for a while and get to know everyone that I possibly can doing this, but eventually I want to do other things. I'd like to stay in the real estate spectrum. I think a lot of money is in it and a lot of good contacts that you can meet, but I want to get into property management, land development and stuff like that, so I believe this is like a really good starting place for me.”

In the meantime, McCarter will try to add to his already 30 showings in mid-Missouri with the help of his stepdad, Kim Brady, Ginnie Lee Matthews and broker Wendy Swetz.

McCarter said he has plenty of time and feels like his age will benefit him in showing houses. He feels the interest rates are also in his favor.

“I've got all the all the time in the world,” McCarter said. “I don't have responsibilities, I don't have children and I'm not married. I'm going to school and doing this and people say you must be so busy, and I am to a certain extend, but I feel like I have all the time in the world to do stuff. I also feel like I have my age on my side. People think it’s cool that I am selling real estate but it's also like they don't they kind of look at it as very serious. 

“They don't think that I can do it as good as someone that's been doing it for 10, 12 years or 20 years. I think that's something that I kind of think about. If I walk into a room of people that don't know me in Columbia, they think that I'm like 20 something, But here in Boonville, where people do know me, which is kind of weird. I want people to know me, but at the same time it's hard because you may think like I'm inexperienced, but I can do this as good as anyone else can or better.”

McCarter is also one not to count out. After all, he did compete in track and field for four years at Boonville High School and play football for three years, where he earned academic all-state his junior and senior year and all-district two years running. He also played basketball as a freshman.

But that’s not all. While involved in athletics, McCarter was also a member of DECA and FCA for two years and was named to National Honor Society as a senior.

McCarter said the entire time he was in high school until about the end of his junior year, he thought he wanted to be a sports agent, or like a talent agent.

“I thought I would go into law and represent people that way,” McCarter said. “But it wasn't really until my junior year when I joined DECA and met Mrs. Crider. She kind of turned me into liking the marketing and business related field. However,  in the real estate business, it’s helped me use my skills  I learned talking to people like in DECA and just trying to learn information about houses and try to explain it to people in ways that they'll actually understand because not everyone's a contractor. I think those skills that I learned in that club really helped me with real estate and talking to people.”

Whether its working in business adminstration and management after college or selling real estate, McCarter knows that he already learned some valuable lessons in life.