NEWS FROM BUNCETON: Bunceton and Prairie Home compete in Holiday Classic

Sarah Kuschel
Special to the Boonville Daily News

Panther Basketball

Over Christmas break, the Prairie Home Panthers basketball team participated in the Otterville Holiday Classic.

Their first game was against the Otterville varsity team on December 29th.

Otterville had their way in the first half leading 47-31 at halftime. Coach Trever Huth reported, "We played really well the second half of this game. The first half we didn't cover the shooters like we needed to and get out with our hands up to defend. These are the little things we need to do to get better and it showed up a lot better in the second half. We need to want to play defense for all four quarters."

The Eagles got the win 78-65. Three players scored in double figures: Jason Burnett with seventeen, Hunter Shuffield with 16, and Blane Petsel with 15. Burnett also pulled down three rebounds, got one steal and one assist. Shuffield grabbed six rebounds, had one steal and two assists. Petsel came away with four rebounds, one steal, and four assists. Also scoring for the Panthers was Oliver Lock with six points, one rebound and two assists. Ryan Small and Tripp Kendrick each scored four points. Small had six rebounds and Kendrick had five rebounds. Peyton Pitts put the other three points in while getting one rebound. 

They played the next day against Otterville's junior varsity team. This time the Panthers got the win, 63-18.

Again, Burnett led with 18 points, three rebounds, one steal, and three assists. Also scoring in double figures was Petsel with 14 while getting four rebounds, swiping five steals, and giving six assists. Shuffield connected with ten points, five rebounds, three steals, and two assists. Tripp Kendrick scored six points, led the team with seven rebounds, and one steal. Landon Case also made six points, got two rebounds, one steal, and gave one assist.

"Need to make sure we don't play down to whom we happen to be playing on a given night." Coach Huth went on to say, " We came out slow in the first half and played a lot better in the second half. Good team win and work on a lot of good things."

Lady Dragons Basketball

The Lady Dragons showed that they are for real. After winning the Pilot Grove Classic, they were playing for first in the Otterville Holiday Classic.

To get there, they won games against Hermitage and Smithton. In the Hermitage game, Kelsey Watson led her team in scoring with 17 points, three rebounds, and four steals. Also scoring in double figures was Madison Brown with 10 points, nine rebounds, three steals, and two assists. Maggie Wood came away from the game with eight points, ten rebounds, three steals, and two assists. Maddie Brandes led with 11 rebounds, four points, one steal, and one assist. Madelynn Myers put in two points, three rebounds, one steal, and one assist. Kylee Myers also scored two points along with one rebound and one assist.

Coach Dustin Ray proudly said, "Solid performance from the girls to start off the week's tournament. We made some big adjustments from last week to this game and they really got it all together. Proud of the strides they have made."

After the 43-11 win over Hermitage, the girls faced Smithton. Coach Ray reported, "This was a really fun game to watch other than the fact that we couldn't get a shot to fall from the outside. The girls were making great decisions on passes and giving themselves great looks at the rim. Very good defensive performance by the entire team."

To get the 61-41 win, Maggie Wood and Kelsey Watson scored in double figures with 18 points and 16 points respectively. Wood also pulled down four rebounds, had nine steals, and six assists. Watson got five rebounds, one steal, and gave three assists. Maddie Brandes was close to a double-double scoring nine points and grabbing ten rebounds. Madelynn Myers scored seven points, came away with nine rebounds, and had three assists. Kylee Myers made six points, had five rebounds, two steals, and two assists. Madison Brown made four points, six rebounds, three steals, and two assists.

With this win they were ready to play for first place against Otterville. Bunceton was only behind by seven as the first half was about to end. But Otterville hit a three-pointer at the buzzer to give them a ten-point lead of 28-18. In the second half, Bunceton scored right along with Otterville. However, the Lady Eagles of Otterville hit the basket more than Bunceton did winning 53-44.

"Tough game against a great opponent," said Coach Ray. "We dug ourselves a hole to start the game and battled hard to get to where we ended up. We missed too many shots at the line, and struggled yet again with the outside shot. Tough loss for the girls, but I believe we are learning and becoming better each game."

Maddie Brandes had her best game getting a double-double in this game by scoring 15 points and grabbingrebounds as well as giving one assist. Kelsey Watson scored eight points, had four rebounds, two steals, and five assists. Madison Brown made seven points while getting nine rebounds, one steal, and one assist. Maggie Wood also scored seven points, had four rebounds, one steal, and one assist. Madelynn Myers added five points to the score while pulling down ten rebounds. Kylee Myers put two points in and had five rebounds. 

Bunceton's record is now 7-2. 

2nd place winners of the Otterville Holiday Classic were this team of Lady Dragons from Bunceton. Sitting with the trophy is Maggie Wood. Standing is Madison Brown, Kylee Myers, Madelynn Myers, Maddie Brandes, and Kelsey Watson.
Mark Wieland posted this picture on Facebook to show our hard-working linemen at work on New Year's Day! These lines down on Highway F took away electricity in Lone Elm and the surrounding areas.
Bunceton had only ice on January 1st causing large branches to fall. January 2nd brought snow for our winter wonderland.