Shays to bring 30 years of experience after purchasing Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News
Matt and Aaron Shay, owners of A&M Services in Boonville, recently purchased Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing from Darrell and Brenda Dye.

All it took was a phone call for Matt Shay, owner and operator of A&M Services in Boonville, to realize that it was a good deal to purchase Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing in Boonville.

Darrell and Brenda Dye have owned and operated Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing since August of 1998, which spans 22 years.

Brenda Dye said it was just time to pass the torch.

The purchase of Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing was made official on Tuesday, December 1.

“We’ve put in so many units and have done so much work, we just felt it was time that we spend it with our grandchildren,” Dye said. However, we didn’t sell this business just to anyone, we sold it to people who have experience, ability and honesty-all of those attributes that we find very valuable and important.”

Matt and Aaron Shay, who will be the new owner of Shay Mechanical, which used to be Dye Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, have owned A&M Services since 2003. The brothers purchased the Boonville Daily News building last February and currently run their business in the back part of the building.

A&M Services will continue to run as a refrigeration, heating, cooling and custom sheet metal business at the old BDN building, which consists of nine workers. Shay said Mechanical Services will have six employees. 

Shay said Darrell and Brenda Dye contacted him about purchasing the business.

“We’re excited about the new purchase,” Shay said. “Aaron and I have been in this business for almost 31 years, and my grandpa even had a shop in Boonville. We’re going to continue to do business as usual and take care of all their customers the same way they did. We’re just glad to be on board.”

With over 30 years in the business, Shay said hopefully the business will continue after he is gone with his son and Aaron’s son currently working for A&M Services.

Shay said his son is currently working part time but will step into a full time role once he graduates. 

Dye said the customers don’t have to worry about the business changing. She said they will be taken care of in the same manner that they always have.

“We’re going to miss it,” Dye said. “I don’t think it’s fully sunk into my head yet. Darrell and I have been thinking about selling the business for some time and my husband met Matt and said that he was so nice. 

“He also said that he was knowledgeable, so we called Matt and Aaron and asked them if they would be interested in purchasing the business. We visited and hit it off real well. They have a similar work ethic to our work ethic and love people like we love people.”

Shay said Shay Mechanical will continue to sell the same equipment as before such as furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners. He said the business will also offer refrigeration equipment and commercial kitchen equipment. 

“We’re adding in just as A&M Services did with the refrigeration business and sheet metal part of it, so it’s not just plumbing, heating and cooling,” Shay said. “We’re hoping to take it to the next level and add things to it. 

“We’re glad to be on board. We’re excited that we got the opportunity. We want to be able to offer more to this area so people can do more local shopping instead of having to do out of town shopping.”

As far as expanding, Shay said he wants to keep the business in Boonville. 

“We don’t have any plans of expanding into any other area except for the general area we work now,” Shay said. “We do work in Columbia, Fayette and Blackwater, and also have some appliances down at Osage Beach so we have a wide range. It’s a big area we take care of but we are planning on staying local with our shops. 

“The idea is that Boonville has been all about shopping and supporting your local business, and if we can bring more variety and things to this community, we can still support each other. That’s why we want to stay local and brings things here so that way people don’t have to use people out of town. It’s all right here.”

Dye said it best about the new owners. She said they really care about the people they serve and will stay up all night if they need to.

“I told my husband that they could change their names to our and that I would adopt them,” Dye said. “They’re just good people, and I know they will do a good job.”