New from Bunceton: Bunceton Federated Church had their annual Hanging of the Greens program

Sarah Kuschel

Bunceton has been quiet during Thanksgiving week. School had the whole week off for Thanksgiving. 

We do want to congratulate my granddaughter, Kiara, and her new husband, Cheyne, on their marriage. They both came to Bunceton from Virginia to have their wedding ceremony at Bunceton Federated Church on November 28th. During the reception, Kiara announced that it was also her Great-Grandmother Betty Felgar's birthday. Everyone wished Betty the best and sang Happy Birthday to her. Best wishes to Cheyne and Kiara Morrison. 

Advent began on November 29th this year, Bunceton Federated Church had their annual Hanging of the Greens program. Assisting in the program this year were Ava Marcum, Emily Breece, and Alexia Hein as scripture readers while Emma Knipp and Greyson Marcum hung the greenery. 

High School basketball began this week. Bunceton is still co-oping with Prairie Home this year. Prairie Home girls will play as Bunceton Dragons and Bunceton boys will play as Prairie Home Panthers. Their first game was in Pilot Grove on December 2nd when the varsity girls and boys play. They played their first home game on December 3rd when the varsity girls and boys and junior varsity boys played Otterville. Then they played the next night at Norborne. Next week's article will have more about these games.   

Ava Marcum reads scripture during Bunceton Federated Church Hanging of the Greens program.
Carl and Pat Jobe hang ornaments on the Christmas tree during the Hanging of the Green program at Bunceton Federated church.
Gary and Patty Lowe hang ornaments on the church tree while Judy Thacker waits for her turn.
Greyson Marcum and Emma Knipp hang greenery at the pulpit at Bunceton Federated Church while Reverand Tad Schuldt watches.
Judy Thacker reaches high to hang an ornament on the church tree.
Justin Hein reaches up to hang the ornament on the Bunceton Federated Church tree.