Homeowners Association vies for city to declare Pinecrest a street

Chris Bowie
Boonville Daily News

In an effort to transfer maintenance needs to the city and rights-of-way, the Pinecrest Subdivision Homeowners Association wants the city to accept Pinecrest Street as a city street. 

When the subdivision was built, the developer dedicate Boone Village Drive to the city, but did not do the same for Pinecrest Street, association member Don Lind said. 

The association is petitioning the city to accept it as a city street. 

“I would assume it’s about 40 years old,” Lind said. “I’m assuming the builder that built Boone Village Drive was dedicated to the city by the developer in 1982. Why they didn’t dedicate Pinecrest Street at the same time I have no way of knowing.”

Association members in the subdivision have maintained the Pinecrest Street for nearly 40 years. 

“People on that block paid a total of $2,000 in city taxes,” Lind said. “It wasn’t that much 40 years ago. I feel we’re not unreasonable asking the city to maintain the street. It gives the city access to property that they own at the end of the street, which would be an advantage to the city.”

The petition was signed by 14 of that street's 16 residents. Residents have maintained the street via chip and seal, with the last maintenance effort happening 10 years ago. 

The proposal will be turned over to the city's public works department so that the street can be inspected by that department. 

City attorney compensation

City Attorney Brad Wooldridge in 2018 starting seeking increased compensation for services to the city. His income from the city was increased in 2012 to $22,096 from $17,500. The city's ordinance allows for increasing his compensation, but council members expressed an interest in amending the ordinance to set a flat compensation rate. 

Council member Morris Carter created a small committee to review the current ordinance and draft an amended ordinance. The amended ordinance would simplify what currently is written and set the city attorney compensation oat $40,000. A bi-annual compensation review would be required as well, which is tied to the election cycle.

TIF Commission

A first reading was held for the creation of a TIF Commission for the Thurman Housing Development Project located at Highway 87 Corridor at Pearre Lane.

The council considered a resolution authorizing an agreement with Tony St. Romaine for Tax Increment Finance consulting.

Boonville City Administrator Kate Fjell said Romaine will come in and assist the city with making sure they do everything right.

“I have never done a TIF before,” Fjell said. “Nobody on our staff has done a TIF before, and we need to do everything right and make sure we have the right conversation. Tony is representing the city so he’s going to help us look out for our best interest.”

Romaine will make sure the TIF Commission has the right people at the table. He also will set a timeline so the city can understand TIF Commission benchmarks. 

Romaine will be used on a limited basis to help answer questions when they need them, Fjell said.

Asphalt improvements 

The council discussed the cancellation/extending contract for asphalt improvements 2020 with Capital Paving and Construction LLC.

Public works wants to cancel the current agreement, said Jeff Ditto, department director.

Work that was scheduled to be finished or at least started by the beginning of October did not get done. 

“I think we can do a better bid if we do a bunch more asphalt at the same time, which is next year,” he said.

Carter moved to cancel the agreement, which was seconded by council member. Theresa Hurt.

“We signed the contract and it didn’t get done, so where are we?” council member Albert Turner said. 

The city still is within the contract period because Capital Paving and Construction has until Nov. 29 to complete the work. Weather and temperatures are starting to prevent ashphalt work.

“We’re at the point now where we are getting recommendations that we lay off on the asphalt because of the weather,” Fjell said. 

The council canceled the contract.

In other business

The council approved the agreement resoultion with Concrete Solutions LLC of LInn for the 11th Street stormwater improvements.

Council member Michael Stock  has heard concerns from residents on Highland Drive about a “Giganto” arrow directing traffic on that street.

“They are not happy with it and don’t understand why an in and out sign doesn’t just work as well as arrows in trying to show people where they’re supposed to drive,” he said. 

The Board of Public Works board voted to have the arrows, Ditto said. 

“There is not a one-way street sign to go along with it,” Ditto said. “There’s only one sign and there’s arrows on both sides."

Ditto plans to bring the concerns back to the public works board. 

The next city council meeting is Dec. 7.