A lasting legacy: Local pharmacy staff reflect on Smith family, ownership transition

Charles Dunlap
Boonville Daily News
Medical Arts Pharmacy in Boonville now will be known as Summers Pharmacy. All staff members were retained in the transition, including, from left, staff pharmacist Peggy Armentrout, pharmacist in charge Kristy Morris and staff pharmacist Robyn Smith.
  • The Smith family operated Medical Arts Pharmacy for more than 60 years
  • Terry Smith retired 18 months ago, Tim on Sept. 20
  • Staff wanted to celebrate their legacy, inform public of transition to Summers pharmacy

Medical Arts Pharmacy in Boonville will know be known as Summers Pharmacy after the retirement of the long-serving Smith brothers, Tim and Terry.

Current staff reflected on the Smith family legacy and how the pharmacy will progress. 

"They have a very strong history of serving the public and so we would like to celebrate that," staff pharmacist Peggy Armentrout said. 

The pharmacy was started by Larry Smith, and then his sons took over, she added. Terry retired approximately 18 months ago, while Tim retired the week of Sept. 20. 

They ran the pharmacy for 60 years, before selling to Ryan and Julie Summers.

"We wanted to congratulate them on [retirement]. We feel like it is fabulous they served the public for so long," Armentrout said. "We feel like they passed on everything they knew to us. We wanted to let the public know about the transition."

Boonville staff members remaining with the pharmacy include Armentrout, pharmacist in charge Kristy Morris, staff pharmacist Robyn Smith, pharmacy technicians Brandy Rohlfing, Donna Widel, Pat Vollrath, Monica Hartley, Angie Skaggs, Kahla Waibel, Cassie Armentrout and Joyce Adair and drivers Louis Imhoff, Terry Davis, Larry Schuster and Randy Vollmer.

Summers Pharmacy is a family of 11 pharmacies — originally started in Clinton in 2013 — in the central, southwest central and Kansas City areas. 

One of the recent changes to the Boonville location is its hours. The pharmacy will be open an extra half-hour Monday through Friday, closing now at 6:30 p.m. Opening time remains the same at 8 a.m. Saturday hours will remain the same, which are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Other changes will happen over the next couple of months. New signs will be put up, changes to prescription labels are planned and a new phone answering and computer system will be installed. Drive-thru service will continue, along with delivery services to Boonville, New Franklin and Pilot Grove. 

Patrons can visit the pharmacy's parent website to review services that will be implemented in the coming months. 

"We are excited about the Summers Pharmacy brand. It is a small chain," Armentrout said. "We will have some other support we haven't had previously. Before, we were a small independent pharmacy. Now, we will be one of 11."

This will allow the group of pharmacies to pool resources and they will run on the same computer system. The new computer system will be installed in Boonville within the next month, Armentrout said. 

It is an honor to continue the legacy of pharmacy, she said. 

"We get to use the skills the Smith family has taught us and we get to bring the pharmacy forward in the community," she said. "The [Smiths] offered a strong family environment. [They taught us] how to treat each patient as an individual and looking at their individual needs."

The Boonville pharmacy staff get to carry on the work of the Smiths, while they now work for the Summers family, Morris said.