Boonville senior Chris Gross looks more at sports as a fitness thing when it comes to playing baseball.

Don’t be fooled. Gross wants to compete just like the next person, but he also wants to stay fit and not get out of shape as he puts it. He also likes being with his friends.

While competing in baseball three years, Gross also participated on the Trap Shooting Team his sophomore, junior and senior year. He also played football as a freshman before deciding to hang it up.

Gross will attend State Tech in Linn, Missouri in the fall and major in utility service technician, which consists of underground cables and gas lines. He said it’s a two-year program.

As for his love of baseball, Gross said he likes the sport because it allows players to bond with each other and the coaches.

While playing mostly on the JV team in 2019 as a designated hitter, Gross finished the season with a .400 hitting clip with 6 hits in 15 at bats with five singles, one double and three RBIs. He also scored five runs.

Of course like many seniors throughout the country, Gross saw his final season as a Boonville Pirate baseball player come and go with the entire season canceled due to COVID-19,

Gross said he was extremely disappointed that he didn’t get to play this season.

“One of the major reasons I wanted to play was to give my mom a flower on Senior Night whenever the parents came out,” Gross said. “That was disappointing because I didn’t get to see a smile on her face. I was also supposed to hit a home run last year so I wanted to do it this year. I hit it to the warning track last year but came up just short.”

Gross also recalls the highlight of his career as a sophomore while playing Fulton. Gross said he doubled against the Hornets for his first career hit.

As for his best game, Gross said it was against Moberly as a junior. Playing in the outfield that game, Gross said he went 2-for-3 at the plate with a couple of nice catches.

Gross said he will miss his teammates and not getting to play his final season with them.

As for his one season of football, Gross said he was just trying it out but would rather work than have to spend all summer practicing and going to camps.

“I really didn’t like the sport,” Gross said. “I played linebacker and really liked that position but it was just too much time that I didn’t have.”

In trap shooting, Gross said it was just something he did since he was a kid.

Gross said to this day he still can’t remember why he didn’t trap shoot his freshman year in high school.

“Trap shooting is where most of my friends are,” Gross said. “I’m alright in it but like anything you can always be better.”

While listing hunting and fishing as his hobbies, Gross said he also likes hanging out with his friends.

Of course since letting out of school back in March, Gross said he has been mowing a lot and doing his assignments for school.

As for his career at Boonville High School, Gross said the one thing that he wished he would have done if he could go back would probably try a little harder. “That and maybe work a little harder in the weight room and get closer to the coaches,” Gross said. “I’m going to miss baseball the most just because I’m not out there playing now. I just liked staying fit and not get out of shape, and then of course I liked playing because my friends were out there.”

Gross said it hasn’t sunk in yet but he will also miss his classmates.

But if it ever happens that Gross gets to walk across the stage one final time to receive his diploma, he said he wants his family to be there-all of them.

“It’s pretty disappointing that we only get to have six people there because I wanted a lot of my family to come to graduation,” Gross said.

Anyway you look at it, Gross said he’s ready for college at State Tech. With a move in date of August 24, Gross said before he can even think about college he wants to work a lot at Walmart and mow to make some money for his truck.

“I just put some new brakes on my truck and did some other things,” Gross said. “It took a couple of days but I finally got it done.”

As for what could have been this season for the Boonville Pirates baseball team, Gross said he thought the team looked pretty good in practices.