Boonville senior Gabi Webster is what you call a quiet competitor when it comes to sports.

Webster is like most high school student-athletes in that she likes to hang out with friends ride horses and play sports. She also enjoys animals, which is one reason she will be attending Central Methodist University in Fayette and majoring in marine biology.

As for sports, Webster played four years of volleyball, two years of basketball and one year in soccer.

Of course it was a hard choice as to which sport she liked the best. Although Webster played volleyball the longest, she said soccer was becoming her favorite just because it was something new.

“I just liked the environment and everyone that was there,” Webster said of soccer. “I guess you could say that volleyball was my favorite sport until soccer. But it was definitely volleyball for a while.”

Webster was also a manager for one year in track and basketball.

As a backside hitter on the Boonville Lady Pirates volleyball team, Webster said she was one of those players that played wherever the coach needed her.

To Webster, volleyball was just a fun sport to play and had been doing so since eighth grade.

She also had plenty of memories to pass along. Although she couldn’t remember the team they were playing, Webster said the highlight for her was this year when the team finally learned how to work together.

As for her best game, Webster said there was one game during a tournament and the Lady Pirates actually ended up winning against what she thought was a “tough team”.

“We played together as a team and whenever we did that and everybody worked together, we seemed to all play our best,” Webster said. “As far as my best game, I think it was the night we had “Breast Cancer Awareness Night”. I think that was probably my best game because I played that for my aunt.”

Webster also enjoyed her time playing soccer, although it was short and sweet. While the senior never officially played a game in a Boonville Lady Pirates uniform, she said Coach Hazell had her starting in the center area.

“I kind of liked that position because I got to see the whole field and there was a little more action than in some other areas,” Webster said. “It was just good to get involved in a sport and actually be able to go after the ball.”

Considering Webster had never played the sport growing up, she said there was some getting used to because it was a new environment. Nonetheless, Webster said everyone was really nice and patient and they worked with you because there was a lot of new kids on the team this year.

“Coach Hazell was really, really patient,” Webster said. “She did her best to help us understand what we were doing and really got us to understanding the sport. It was definitely disappointing not being able to play soccer in a real match because I think I could have gone somewhere with it.”

Boonville soccer coach Kaz Hazell said Webster wanted to try something new and I think that takes a lot of courage because soccer is not easy sport to pick up. “Webster has shown a lot of good things on the field for the team and I am glad she stepped out of her box for her senior year,” Hazell said.

As for basketball, Webster said she liked playing that sport because it was a family. She said the players were really, really close and you don’t find that in many sports. That’s why it stuck out, she said.

“I didn’t play my final two years because I wanted to focus more on academics,” Webster said.

As disappointing as it was not to play her final year in soccer, Webster said it’s definitely important to keep everyone safe and healthy but at the same time it’s also disappointing not being able to finish her senior year the way she wanted.

“You can never really think that you’re going to miss school until you do and then you want nothing but to go back,” Webster said.

Webster said she will definitely miss playing each sport but relishes her time even though it was cut short.

“I think I had a pretty good career,” Webster said. “I’ll miss playing sports but I will also miss the relationships I had with the teachers and being around friends that you are used to seeing every day.”

Webster also had a favorite class, although it really wasn’t a class. She said she liked being an aide at Hannah Cole Primary School.

“I know it’s not much of a class, but it was a good experience with kids and I enjoyed being around kids and working with them,” Webster said.

As for graduation, Webster said as long as it happens she is fine with pushing it back.

“I’ve definitely had my moments of worrying that maybe it won’t happen,” Webster said. “But as long as it happens I’m fine with it being held in June or July. It’s something that we have worked towards since we were little and I think everybody wants to walk across the stage to receive their diploma and be with their classmates one final time.”

In the meantime, Webster said she has been spending her time out of the classroom by fishing and gong on walks. She said she has also been doing a lot of family bonding.