Boonville senior Tramell Coleman is all about competition.

Whether its playing football, basketball or running track for the Boonville Pirates, Coleman said he feels like competition makes him a better person.

“I love competition because I get to experience things that people normally don’t get to,” Coleman said. “Competition is also fun and makes you a better person and teaches you life lessons.”

A four-year lettermen in football and three-year letterwinner in basketball and track, Coleman has pretty much done it all at Boonville High School.

However it’s his love of football that earned him a scholarships at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. Coleman said the coaching staff there wants him to play safety and a little bit of offense, too.

“They want me to do a little bit of everything,” Coleman said. “I really liked the coaching staff there, and another reason I chose Hastings is because they gave me a full ride.”

Coleman said he will major in business and economics at Hastings College.

But instead of wearing a Boonville Pirates uniform, Coleman will now be a Bronco and wear burgundy and gray.

Of course it’s easy to see why Coleman chose football to play in college or basketball and track. After all, he did earn all-conference and all-district two years running at Boonville. However, he was also successful in track while earning all-conference and all-district three years running. Coleman was also a sectional placer his junior year but missed out on going to state by a coin toss.

Nonetheless, Coleman said football is his favorite sport because he likes hitting people while playing safety.

“It was always great to hit somebody and bring the pain to other people instead of getting hit for once,” Coleman said on playing receiver on offense. I don’t know, I just liked football because it’s different from every other sport and you truly become brothers. It’s a bond that you will have for the rest of your life. I know that at any point in my life I can call anyone of the guys and we’ll always have great memories of what happened during football.”

It’s easy to see why football is Coleman’s favorite. In 11 games this past season, Coleman finished with 353 yards on 46 carries and four touchdowns rushing the ball while hauling in 36 passes for 424 yards and seven scores. He also had three punt returns for 103 yards for an average of 34.3 yards per return. Meanwhile, on defense, Coleman finished with 66 total tackles, six tackles for loss, one sack, one interception and two caused fumbles. He also scored a total of 72 points on the season.

And like so many of his teammates in football, Coleman said his most memorable moment was probably beating Oak Grove last fall in the opening round of the district playoffs. He said it was like the first time since 2011 that Boonville had won a district game so it was definitely something to remember.

Coleman also recalls his two best games in a Boonville Pirate uniform. Although one resulted in a win and the other a loss, Coleman said the games against Hallsville and Southern Boone his junior year are probably two of his best games.

“I liked the Hallsville game in 2018 because it was a dogfight and I really played well on both sides of the ball,” Coleman said. “I had a pick, two touchdowns and almost 200 yards receiving, so it was something to definitely remember. As for Southern Boone, it was another dogfight and in that game I had three touchdowns, 12 tackles and a sack so I definitely played well on both sides of the ball.”

Of course above everything else, Coleman said he will miss the team bonding and friendships he made during his time in a Boonville Pirate uniform.

As for track, Coleman said he really enjoyed long jumping because of coach Susie Stone. He said she really pushed him to get better every single day.

“Track is a team based sport but it really involves you getting better individually,” Coleman said. “I just liked how it pushed yourself individually to get better and better and how it shows every single track meet and the results whether you’ve been working hard or if you haven’t been working hard.”

However, Coleman said he is not going to lie about not getting to run or jump his final season in track. He said it was disappointing because the team as a whole was going to have a really good year. “We had a lot of pieces come together and we were going to make a great team,” Coleman said.

Coleman said his most memorable moment in track was last year in districts when he set a personal record in the 200-meter dash and almost got 21 seconds.

As for the team highlight, he said it was also his junior year when a lot of his teammates ran around the field and sprayed each other with water bottles after placing at the district track meet.

“I really liked the individual push in track,” Coleman said. “It definitely strived me to get better and faster for football.”

As for basketball, Coleman said he liked the sport because it was fun and everybody had a good time. He said you were serious about everything but when you lost you couldn’t like sit on it throughout the whole week. You had to move on because you had a game the next day so you couldn’t mope around, he said.

“You had your teammates pick you up every single game when you had a bad game so that was definitely a good thing, especially with a new coach,” Coleman said. “It was great.”

As for the highlight for him in basketball, Coleman said it was probably his freshman year when he got the steal and assist to Riley Lang to break the school record for most points in a single game.

As for his best game, Coleman said it was his junior year against Clinton when he scored 22 points and had like 6-7 assists and five rebounds.

“I’m going to miss the bus rides in basketball,” Coleman said. “The bus rides were always great in basketball, especially after a win.”

As for his time at Boonville High School, Coleman said he thought his career was pretty good. He said he definitely could have improved on some things and focused on more areas in all sports. “I kind of goofed off the first couple of years,” Coleman said. “I’m going to miss my friends and seeing them every day because everybody kind of goes their separate ways after high school. I will also miss the conversations ever day with my teachers.”

Coleman said he’s ready to take the next step but believes he will have to stay focused a little more because sports in college becomes less of an activity and more of a job.

“I remind myself to enjoy the memories that I made in high school and then try to make new ones,” Coleman said. “It was definitely disappointing not to finish my last three months of school. You’re missing out on the things that you only get to experience once in a lifetime. But I guess it definitely makes it a memorable year for everyone with this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Although the last three months have been spent at home doing his homework, Coleman said he also likes working out, spending time with his friends when he can and playing video games. “I’m not an outside person because I’m allergic to a lot of things so I kind of stay inside,” Coleman said.