Boonville senior Quin Gentry doesn’t get too excited about anything.

Gentry loves to fish and hunt and ride his bike when he has the time, which he says seems to be a lot lately.

But when it comes time to tighten up his shoe laces or strengthen his strings on his racket, Gentry is all business while playing tennis for the Boonville Pirates tennis team.

Of course tennis is just one sport that Gentry played at Boonville. He also played his final match in soccer as an outside back for the Pirates.

Although tennis is Gentry’s favorite sport, he says it all comes from being in the environment and playing for coach Stephanie Green.

“Tennis is pretty laid back,” Gentry said. “It can be as competitive or as fun as you want it to be. In soccer, it’s going to take a whole team working as a unit while in tennis you don’t have to count on anybody but yourself so if you’re on, you’re on. You don’t have to worry about anybody else.”

It’s not that Gentry doesn’t like the team aspect. He says playing doubles with teammate Josh Chrisman has been very rewarding the last four years.

Gentry has also moved up in the ranks, going from No. 8 in singles to No. 6 as a sophomore and No. 2 the last two years. The senior standout also moved up the ladder in doubles while teaming up with Chrisman to play No. 4 varsity doubles as a freshman, No. 3 as a sophomore and No. 1 as a junior.

Gentry and Chrisman were also slated to play No. 1 doubles this spring had there been a season.

The 2020 season was also suppose to be the year for Gentry and Chrisman, who captured the district title last year before losing in sectionals to Helias’ No. 3 doubles team.

Gentry and Chrisman finished 11-3 in doubles in 2019, with one of those losses coming to Kirksville. However when it counted the most, Gentry and Chrisman probably played their best match of the season in the district championship against Kirksville-the same team they had lost to earlier in the season.

Gentry remembers the rainy day at Mexico.

“I’m pretty sure that if you ask my partner, he would probably agree that when we beat Kirksville in the district championship that was by far the best the two of us had ever played,” Gentry said. “I don’t know what happened but it was crazy. We were both winning all of our serves and we were finally getting at the net. It just all clicked on that day. I don’t know what happened but it was awesome.”

Unfortunately, Gentry also remembers the next match against Helias. While the match against Kirksville ranks as one of his best matches, he said the loss to Helias was just the opposite.

“It was the worst,” Gentry said. “It was awful. I just hate that it ended that way. It was bad to end the regular season that way, but now it’s going to be the last match of our careers.”

That’s why it was so important that Gentry and Chrisman got back on the courts again this spring. He said the duo decided that this was going to be their year.

“I know everybody says that when they’re a senior,” Gentry said. “But I felt like Josh and I had put in the time before practice and the time after practice to take the next step this spring. Somebody asked me what it is about us playing together. I think it’s a combination of things. I have known Josh since elementary school, so we have known each other forever. It just worked that we were in spots that went together all the way up. It also helps that he knows my strengths and weaknesses on the court and I know his.”

As for the funniest moment on the court, Gentry said he and Josh actually keep track of points if they accidently hit their opponents.

“I know it sounds bad but we don’t do it on purpose,” Gentry said. “If you are hitting an overhead and don’t pay attention, it could go off the opposing players leg. But it was all fun.”

As for soccer, Gentry said it was the teamwork. He says that might sound a little hypocritical considering that he liked tennis because it was more of an individual sport.

“It takes a team to function in soccer,” Gentry said. “I think I also liked soccer because some of my best friends were seniors.”

Like tennis, Gentry earned his stripes while moving up to the varsity team his sophomore year. While playing holding mid as a freshman and sophomore, Gentry said played that position a little bit his junior year before moving to left outside back.

While it took some getting used to, moving from holding mid to outside back, Gentry said he ended up like it a lot more.

“I think I had a better view of the field as an outside back and I didn’t have to watch behind me because everything was always in front of me,” Gentry said.

As for the highlight of his career in soccer, Gentry said it was probably winning in overtime in the district semifinals last fall against Marshall. He also said there is a story on Carter Stumph hitting the game winner.

“Carter got subbed in because Aaron had to go to the bathroom,” Gentry said. “He probably won’t tell you that but it’s true. Another highlight was probably my whole senior year. I would start some my junior year and then play most of the games, and then my senior year I would start every game and play every minute. I also think I figured out who I was as a soccer player and finally had some moments that I would consider highlights.

“I scored three times in three different games. Another highlight was on Senior Night against MMA when I scored. Whenever I kicked the ball it was like a knuckleball and curved a lot.”

Gentry will now set his sights on furthering his education at the University of Missouri in Columbia, where he will major in physcology and business finance.

As for graduation, Gentry said he doesn’t want to use the word “robbed” with everything that is going on. But after losing a season in tennis, he said it’s sad that he may not get to walk across the stage to get his diploma during commencement.

“Like the class before us, it would have been nice to have our graduation party, prom and stuff like that,” Gentry said. “It’s just sad that we won’t be able to have a regular graduation until maybe July.”