With the spring sports season put on hold in recent weeks and ultimately canceled Thursday across the state, Boonville senior Lily Terrell has been using her time wisely.

Although Terrell spends 4-5 hours a day doing homework, she said there is also time to watch Netflix and talk to her friends on a daily basis.

A three-sport athlete at Boonville High School, Terrell competes in track but has also had her hand in volleyball and golf during her four-year career.

Terrell’s first love came at the age of 7 as she competed in gymnastics for Show-Me Gymnastics in Columbia.

While competing for nine years, Terrell said beam was her favorite event because it was the hardest one.

"I was decently good at it so that’s why I liked it," Terrell said. "However, what I didn’t like about competing in gymnastics was the trips five days a week. The way the seasons run, you usually train in the summer and then compete in the winter."

Terrell said she has won a couple of state titles on the beam and vault and has also been to regionals in North Dakota, Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

As far as the other sports, Terrell said track was probably her favorite sport in high school. While competing in about every event, Terrell said she has jumped, thrown the discus and javelin and competed in the pole vault.

"I probably like pole vault the best because there aren’t very many people that do it," Terrell said. "I got first in javelin and third in pole vault at conference."

Although Terrell has been doing pole vault for three years and javelin for two years, she said she also enjoys throwing the discus.

"My freshman year we won conference in the 4x100 and 4x200 meter relay, so I guess that stands out,"Terrell said. "However, I don’t really have one defining life moment. I just like track because it’s an individual sport. You don’t really have to depend on anybody else and there are so many different things to do in track."

As for volleyball, Terrell said she played all-around and liked being around her friends. However, if there is one regret when it comes to volleyball, Terrell said she wishes she would have played as a junior instead of sitting out the year.

Nonetheless, Terrell says she misses competing her senior year in track.

"Imean, it’s upsetting," Terrell said. "All-around the whole thing is upsetting. I wish I was at school and going to track and having meets, and just being with a new group of people, especially. I was more coaching with pole vault and teaching the new people how to do it, so that just kind of got ruined."

Terrell said she stays busy with her homework since she is mostly taking college classes. She will attend the University of Missouri in Columbia in the fall and major in pharmacy.

As far as her hobbies, Terrell said she likes hanging out with her friends, shopping and watching a lot of Netflix.

Terrell said she’ll have fond memories of her time at Boonville High School.

"I tried so many different sports that now I know the basics and know how to play so many different ones," Terrell said. "Again, I liked track because it's consistent and I like being out in the sun."

Terrell said she really didn’t have one coach or person influence her while playing sports. She said coach Bodenhammer and coach Jack McCush were probably the two biggest influences on her in track.

"Coach Bodenhammer was the pole vault coach here and he was really good," Terrell said. "He did pole vault so he knew everything about it. I also learned a lot from Jack McCush, but he also told me to come out at 8 a.m. every Saturday, so I really didn't like that."

Other than not playing volleyball as a junior, Terrell said she doesn’t really have any other regrets. She said the year she didn’t play volleyball, she played golf.

"I liked golf but it was ridiculously hard," Terrell said. "I feel like I can kind of grasp any concept in sports and just apply it, but golf just takes so much time."

As for graduation, Terrell said she is kind of worried the event is not going to happen like usual.

"It would be kind of a bummer if we didn’t since it’s our senior year," she said. "I heard there is a possibility that we may have it later, so I hope that’s the case."