Lady Bulldogs win fourth in a row with 50-32 win over Brunswick

New Franklin seniors Tyler Perkins and Gavin Bishop had a one in a lifetime opportunity Friday night during Homecoming against the Brunswick Wildcats.
Although the two had no idea how close they were to scoring 1,000 points in their career, the duo paved the way for the Bulldogs in a 63-43 win over the Wildcats.
Bishop finished the game with 22 points but was over nine minutes behind Perkins in getting his 1,000th point. Perkins, who had 11 points in the game, reached his milestone with 4:23 left in the third quarter to put New Franklin up 43-22.
As for Bishop, the senior standout hit the 1,000th point mark with 3:01 left in the fourth period by hitting 1 of 2 foul shots.
New Franklin coach Ross Dobson said the coaching staff knew it was going to happen sometime this year with Perkins and Bishop scoring their 1,000th point.
“We also knew they had to play well to get to where they are at,” Dobson said. “We were talking in the locker room that those two wouldn't be in the position they are right now if it wasn't for everybody else and they echoed that same thing when I talked to them. It was pretty cool but I'm glad it's over now with the distraction. It's a cool accomplishment but sometimes that also leads to a distraction.”
Of course that wasn’t the only cause for celebration. After knocking off the Slater Wildcats the night before in a one point game 58-57, the Bulldogs also improved to 20-0 on the season with the win over Brunswick.
New Franklin never trailed in the game against Brunswick and led by as much as 24 after a basket by Bishop to make it 47-23 with 2:02 left in the third period.
The Bulldogs also held a 14-8 lead after one and a 36-14 advantage at the half.
“I thought we played well,” Dobson said. “You could tell we kind of ran into a brick wall a couple of times. You could just tell our legs weren't underneath us tonight, playing two good teams back to back nights. Brunswick is good. They've got a lot of athletes and they've got a lot of shooters, so we knew we had to come play tonight. We had an emotional game against Slater and then tried to turnaround and forget what happen the night before and pick up and  be competitive tonight. It's a tough task but our boys are somewhat seasoned and took care of it.”
Despite never leading in the game, Brunswick actually outscored New Franklin 29-17 in the second half.
Dobson, however, thought the Bulldogs hit some big shots to extend their lead in the second half.
“They hit some big shots, too,” Dobson said. “Brunswick has some good shooters, but I thought we were a little better in transition in the second half so I was pretty pleased with that.”
As for the 20 wins, Dobson said he is more worried about game to game situations and that starts again Tuesday night at home against a two-loss Slater team. “This will be the third time and twice in not even a whole week,” Dobson said. “We know they will be ready to roll when they come here, but we have to make sure we are ready, too.”
Tyson Dowell finished the game with 15 points for the Bulldogs while Tre Cowans added eight, Jackson Dorson five and Crayton Gallatin with two.
Brunswick, Amari Glasgow had 14 while J. T. Collier chipped in 12.
As for the New Franklin girls basketball, they are also on a roll after recording their fourth straight win against Brunswick 50-32.
The Lady Bulldogs improved to 12-8 overall.
New Franklin coach Morgan Vetter said coming off a win the night before against Slater really helped in this game.
“I think this being Homecoming and the whole day has been energetic,” Vetter said. “I think just the whole crowd, the dance and all that just kind of played into it. Honestly, our mindset is just getting these wins. We know we are right along the same lines that these teams that we are playing, we just need to finish them.”
Finishing wasn’t the problem Friday night against Brunswick. It was the two quarters in-between. While the Lady Bulldogs dominated the first quarter by outscoring Brunswick 10-6, it was the Wildcats with a 10-7 advantage in the second period to lead at the half by a score of 17-16.
Of course hitting just 6 of 19 shots in the first half  wasn’t exactly what coach Vetter had in mind.
Vetter said she was nervous at halftime.
“I was really nervous but then we started getting it together, especially in the third quarter,” Vetter said. “We started off exactly like I wanted us to do kind of the whole time so I think that helped starting off quick like that.”
New Franklin scored the first-six points in the third quarter to lead Brunswick 23-16 and led by as much as eight on three different occasions at 31-23, 35-27 and 37-29.
The Lady Bulldogs also outscored Brunswick 20-13 in the third period.
That’s all it took as New Franklin came back with a 13-3 advantage in the final period to win by 18.
Freshman Carly Dorson led all scorers for New Franklin with 17 points. Madelyn Chaney chipped in 12 while Abby Maupin added 11, Addy Salmon five, Faith Painter and Kristen Flick each with two and Campbell Cooper with one.
For Brunswick, Abby Dobbins had 21 points.