Pilot Grove Athletic Director Derek Skaggs announced that the boys and girls basketball teams will be competing in a Jamboree on Tuesday, Nov. 19.
Skaggs said the boys jamboree will be held at Pilot Grove High School while the girls jamboree will take place at Bunceton High School.
Teams competing in the jamboree are Prairie Home/Bunceton, Pilot Grove, Lexington and Slater.
At the boys jamboree at Pilot Grove, Lexington and Slater will play the first game at 5:30 p.m., followed by Pilot Grove versus Prairie Home/Bunceton at 5:50, Prairie Home/Bunceton versus Slater at 6:10, Lexington vs. Pilot Grove at 6:30, Lexington versus Prairie Home/Bunceton at 6:50 and Slater versus Pilot Grove at 7:10.
As for the girls jamboree at Bunceton, Lexington will play Bunceton/Prairie Home at 5 p.m., followed by Pilot Grove versus Slater at 5:20, Lexington versus Slater at 5:40, Lexington versus Pilot Grove at 6, Bunceton/Prairie Home versus Pilot Grove at 6:20 and Slater versus Bunceton/Prairie Home at 6:40.
Skaggs said each session will be two six minute halves and teams will be allowed two timeouts anmd a 30 second timeout. There will be no overtimes and no team fouls, Skaggs said.
Admission to the jamboree is $2, which will go toward Honor Flight.
Note: Pilot Grove and Slater compete in the Central Activities Conference while Prairie Home/Bunceton participate in the Cooper County Activities Association. As for the Lexington Minuteman, they compete in the Missouri River Valley Conference.