Boonville senior receiver/defensive back Peyton Keeran is a do-it-all-type player for the Boonville Pirates football team this season.
At wide receiver for Boonville, Keeran has three catches for 52 yards for an average of 8.7 yards per catch and 17.3 yards per game. Meanwhile, at defensive back, Keeran has a total of 30 tackles along with one interception despite missing two games with a back injury.
In the game Friday night against the Hallsville Indians, Keeran had a huge interception right before half to stop a potential scoring drive by the Indians.
After the game Friday night, Keeran offered his insight on his favorite movies, food and sport team just to name a few.
What are some activities that you like to do?
I like to hang with friends and go fishing.
Where is your favorite vacation destination and summer activity?
I like Rio for my favorite summer vacation. As for my favorite activity, it’s probably baseball.
Tell me someone who inspires you in sports and in life?
Probably Josh Polk because he works hard, has dedication and has heart like no one else.
Name three things on your bucket list that you want to do?
1.  I would like to go fishing in the ocean
2. I would like to go skydiving
3. I would like to go to Australia
If you could be one movie star who would it be and why?
Vin Diesel because that man is a beast
Favorite TV show: The Ranch
Favorite movie: Never Back Down
Favorite food: Enchiladas
Favorite sports team: Minnesota Vikings because my dad liked them so I carried it on.