Boonville senior Lily Terrell is currently member of the Lady Pirates volleyball team.
A two-sport athlete, Terrell plays all-around for the Lady Pirates in volleyball and pole vaults for Boonville in track.
Here is a question and answer with Terrell:
In three sentences, explain what you enjoy most about playing your sport and athletics?
I enjoy the memories with friends. I always like the challenge in the sport. Meeting people and forming new friendships.
What is one of your most memorable moments in volleyball?
When the bus driver told us the cops were coming but he just didn’t want us to eat on the bus.
What are the greatest challenges balancing academics and sports?
It is hard to study and do homework on game days. It is a necessity to play ahead.
What are your individual goals for the 2019 season?
To challenge myself and to improve as a player and a person.
What are your plans beyond school?
Attend college.
Outside of sports and school activities, what kind of things do you like to do?
Travel, shop, binge watch Netflix and be with my friends.
What are your plans after high school graduation?
Go to a university and major in phychology. I would like to be a forensic psychologist or a high school psychologist.
Pro Athlete: Patrick Mahomes
Pro Team: Chiefs
Movie: Spider Man: Five Feet Apart
TV Show: Gossip Girl
Song: Guillontine-Jon Bellion
Meal: Steak, mashed potatoes and carrots
If you were given one super hero power, what would it be and why would you want it?
Teleportation because life would be so much easier if I could teleport to places I could also travel everywhere.
Name 3 things on your bucket list of things to do in your lifetime:
1. Live in Europe for a while
2. Learn a new language
3. Go on an African Safari