Boonville Pirates football coach Greg Hough had two goals for Friday night’s Jamboree at Odessa.
The first goal was to come away injury free, while the second goal was to get enough film to evaluate the players before next week’s season opener at Pleasant Hill.
“We were 1 for 2 on that,” Hough said. “We will have good film to evaluate the kids. We played almost 36 kids, so more than half our kids tonight. A lot of it depends on you approach to Jamborees. Odessa played their No. 1s the whole time; we have 1 set offense, 2 set offense, 3 set offense and the same on defense. No doubt I would like to see the first set of guys play a little bit better, but again we had some kids playing their first snap and like I said this will be a good film to evaluate.
“Basically what I am going to tell the kids is that when we watched Pleasant Hill last year on film during the Jamboree, we didn’t think they were very good and they came out and kicked our butts, so they will probably catch ours and think that we are not very good and hopefully we will kick their butts.”
Boonville played a total of 18 snaps on offense and 18 on defense against both Odessa and Richmond for a total of 72 plays on the night. Of the 18 on offense against Odessa, the Pirates finished with 10 positive plays-the longest going on a 9-yard pass from quarterback Nick Ferrari to Avian Thomas.
As for the defense, Boonville struggled against the Bulldogs while giving up six touchdowns in 18 plays. However four of the six touchdowns by Odessa came against Boonvile’s second and third units.
Hough said Odessa is probably going to be a state contender in his opinion.
“Last year they were one of the top teams in the state and got beat by Maryville,” Hough said. “They return eight starters on offense of a team that lost one game last year, so they are very good. They are big and they are physical. We can’t simulate that physicality in practice. You can tell the kids a million times that it’s going to be a physical game. We’ve just got to get hit. Like I said we’ll learn from this and we have seven days to get better and that’s what we will do.”
While the Bulldogs held Boonville out the end zone in the first go around, the Pirates had a little better luck against Richmond. However it was until the next to last snap that Boonville found the end zone when sophomore quarterback Jamesian McKee took the plunge from 3 yards out.
Richmond also scored one touchdown against Boonville’s No. 2 defense-which came on the very last play on a long pass in the corner of the end zone.
Note: The way the Jamboree was set up was for Boonville to run eight plays from their side of the 35, six plays from the opponents 40 and four plays from the 20. The two teams would then flip sides and run 18 plays with the same set up.
Boonville will open the 2019 season on the road next Friday at Pleasant Hill starting at 7 p.m.
8-30-at Pleasant Hill, 7
9-6-at Holden, 7
9-13-BLAIR OAKS, 7
9-20-at California, 7
9-27-OSAGE, 7
10-11-at Eldon, 7
10-25-at Southern Boone, 7
Note: Home games in caps.