There were no referees, cheerleaders or opposing team Friday night during an open practice at Gene Reagan field.
To complete a full week of camp right before the season starts for real with practice on Monday, August 12th, Boonville Pirates football coach Greg Hough had the team go through a series of drills and plays in front of fans at the BHS Sports Complex.
“Honestly the night is for the parents more than anyone,” Hough said. “We do drills because that involves everyone. They can see what coaches are working with their kids and what position they play. It’s hard to full scrimmage unless you split squad to get a real good look, though. We’re on the 10th practice in 15 days, so we wanted to play it safe and keep it controlled.”
In addition to running 16 plays of 7 on 7 on offense, Hough said the Pirates also ran 12 plays of 7 on 7 on defense, 16 plays of the team offense and 12 plays of the team defense.
Hough went on further to explain that the first half of the practice was normal while the second half was group time, 7 on 7 and then team time with a short scrimmage.
“They will get better with more reps, in return we will get a better look for our defense to go against,” Hough said. “Offensively we are still experimenting with some things personnel-wise. We can do a lot of things with different guys doing different things, we just have to clean it up. We put the ball on the turf two times, both times with a quarterback that’s only played it a week. I firmly believe our own worst enemy will be ourselves. We have two scrimmages on film now and the consistency isn’t there. One film one kid may be real good and then tonight’s film not be very good. Consistent effort, technique and assignment will have to improve over the next couple of weeks. We will be as good as that group wants to be.”
The Boonville Pirates football team will compete in a Jamboree at Odessa on Friday, August 23rd."