On one hand Proposal 10 is a good thing for public schools who have battled the Public versus Private saga for over a decade.
But if you ask Boonville Pirates football coach Greg Hough, the new proposal would basically push all the private St. Louis schools into Class 3 so that will effect Boonville personally.
According to Jason West, MSHSAA executive director of communications, the new proposal would remove the 1.35 multiplier and instead utilize a championship factor for non-public and charter schools that would be activity-specific and would use a point system based on a school’s post-season success over six years to either allow the school to use its raw enrollment (still doubled for single sex schools) or be moved up one or two classes.
The 1.35 multiplier will be eliminated starting in 2020-21. The 1.35 multiplier has been in place since 2006 and has only existed to keep the public schools on a equal playing field.
In a story from the Platte County Citizen back on June 26th, sports editor Cody Thorn reported that a good example of a school that will be moved up will be Incarnate Word Academy out of St. Louis.
Thorn said the girls basketball team has won six of the past seven state titles in Class 4 and the one year it didn’t, they were a state semifinalist. Since the 2011-12 season when Republic won the Class 4 title, the only other public school to win a Class 4 girls basketball title was St. Joseph Benton in the 2015-16 season.
Hough said it is what it is in his opinion.
“This doesn’t necessarily effect us with our enrollment, however, it will effect Blair Oaks with their enrollment-where they go back and fourth from Class 2 to 3,” Hough said. “they will be in three now with the championship factor. It will effect the private schools who are recruiting for athletic success. Most recent uprising schools are Trinity Catholic, Lutheran North and Cardinal Ritter, who will also be in Class 3. However it will help private schools who don’t recruit for athletics such as MMA and St. Paul Lutheran. They typically get bumped up classes even though they have Class 1 enrollment and talent.”
Athletic Directors voted favorably in the spring (294-133) for a championship formula that will apply to private and charter schools such as football, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and baseball. As for the remaining sports such as wrestling, tennis, track and field, golf and cross-country, they will remain the same.
Boonville Athletic Director Chris Shikles said he appreciates MSHSAA’s efforts to make high school athletics in the state of Missouri equitable for all schools, public and private.
As for right now, the point system, which will go into effect this fall, will accumulate points for winning districts, sectionals, quarterfinals, semifinals and championships.
Of course what is this proposal in a nutshell? This change will help with the perception from the public schools that the private/charter schools have an unfair advantage by recruiting student-athletes to their schools.