Two coaches with the same philosophy and terminology years ago are still beating the hardwood to this day.
Boonville boys basketball coach Mark Anderson and Warrensburg coach Chris Nimmo joined together to conduct a two day basketball clinic for players in grades 9-12 at the Windsor gymnasium at Boonville High School.
While the camp focused more on the offensive side, Anderson said there were also a few defensive drills.
“I thought we had a good turnout,” Anderson said. “We had approximately 30-35 kids for the two-day session. Chris and myself are both motion guys, where we are going to let kids play. We give them some rules and principles and things like that but not run a lot of plays. We did some motion breakdowns and shooting drills. It’s more of an offensive clinic than a defensive clinic, although I think Matt Mitchell (Westminster men’s basketball coach in Fulton) is going to do a little bit of defensive stuff. But it’s really more to help the kids with their skill work.”
Monday’s session included everything from stretching, individual defense, shooting and motion offense.
Anderson also had several coaches come in during the two-day session to give instruction. Along with Anderson, Nimmo and Mitchell, Boonville assistant coaches Brock Hill and Blake Hackman also assisted during the clinic along with Warrensburg assistant coach Cody Bradfisch and Boonville Lady Pirates basketball coach Jaryt Hunziker.
As for Tuesday’s session, Anderson said the day was spent more on individual moves and shooting, skill work, team defense, competitive shooting drills and competitive cut-throw games.
Anderson said Coach Mitchell also talked to the players about recruiting, what coaches look for, expectations and various levels of college basketball-Division 1, II, III, NAIA and juco.
With summer school and kids working, Anderson said the numbers flucuated from day to day. He said with Warrensburg, the kids had nowhere to go since it was at Boonville so their numbers were slightly higher. As for Boonville kids, they had summer school and work.
“We had kids in summer school that are kind of coming and going since we are hosting the clinic this year, but we probably both had 15-20 kids these two days,” Anderson said. “Like I said, it’s just a great opportunity for them to get some individual work.”
In addition to the free clinic at Boonville High School, Anderson said the Pirates will also participate in the Central Methodist Team Camp on June 13-14, UCM Camp in Warrensburg on June 20 and COMO Shootout at Columbia Hickman on June 23.
That’s not counting the open gyms throughout the summer for kids to come in and shoot around.
“We’ve had a few open gyms,” Anderson said. “You get 20 contact days so we have actually used a couple of them to get some of our terminology in and ideas and drills and things like that in. We have played here against ourselves in open gym settings those nights. We have already been to Moberly Area Community College for a day camp and played three games and then we participated in a shootout at New Franklin, where we played three games.”
All in all, Anderson said he is happy with the turnout. He said there are a lot of kids coming back for the 2019-20 season and a lot of young kids that have a chance to be pretty good.
“I’m still getting to know a lot of them,” Anderson said. “But you start with Charlie Bronakowski coming back, who is really good. Lane West was injured last year that is going to be quite a player. Tramell Coleman is about as athletic as anybody you will run into in our league and you have some younger kids and some veteran kids. DJ Wesolak is a really impressive athletic, and then you have Luke Green and Josh Chrisman, who can really shoot it. I think we have some talent but it’s just been a good chance this summer for me to get to know them a little bit.”