With no team scores kept or trophies presented Friday during the Warrensburg JV Doubles Tournament, Boonville Pirates tennis coach Stephanie Green focused more on the players gaining experience and playing together as a team.
As it turned out, the Pirates got just that with 14 players seeing time on the court in 16 matches.
“This was good experience for our new players,” Green said. “There were rarely any players off the courts. Through the day we could see improvements and growth. Most need consistency and just court experience but by the end of the day, they were hitting with more confidence and playing the angles and courts well overall. Kaiser and Greis continue to improve and really having played in a couple of tournaments now will be hugely beneficial for them moving into next season.
“Watring and Coleman are a solid and athletic young team. They did some really good things on the courts and made an impact with their competitiveness. Widel and Desmond are athletic and with Widel’s prior experience, it was a pretty good day for them because they were competitive and knew how to play the ball. Bartolomeo and Murray hit the ball well and were aggressive all day. Brimer and Weixeldorfer really made some growth together and placed the ball well. Dell and Brady and Alley and Price all made huge gains in confidence and experience through the day and by the end were seeing the court and hitting the ball much more solidly.”
In all, Boonville’s JV finished 3-17 on the day.
The No. 1 team of Tucker Kaiser and Gabe Greis finished 0-4 with a 8-2 loss to Nevada, 8-0 loss to Ray-Pec, 8-0 loss to Warrensburg and a 8-5 loss to Warrensburg.
At No. 2 doubles, the team of Emanuel Bartolomeo and Chase Murray finished 0-3 with a 8-2 loss against Nevada, 8-4 loss against Ray-Pec and a 8-5 loss to Warrensburg.
At No. 3 doubles, the team of Gabe Brimer and Nick Weixeldorfer finished 1-2 with a 8-2 loss to Nevada, 8-1 loss to Ray-Pec and a 8-3 win over Warrensburg.
At No. 4 doubles, the team of Carter Widel and Kameron Desmond finished 1-2 with a 8-4 win over Nevada, 8-2 loss to Ray-Pec and a 8-0 loss to Warrensburg.
At No. 5 doubles, the team of Austin Coleman and Zane Watring went 1-2 with a 8-4 win over Nevada, 8-3 loss to Ray-Pec and a 8-2 loss to Warrensburg.
Meanwhile, at No. 6 doubles, Travis Dell and Darius Brady finished 0-2 with a 8-3 loss to Nevada and a 8-2 loss to Ray-Pec. Hayden Alley and Dominick Price also finished 0-2 while also playing at No. 6 doubles and fell to Warrensburg 8-5 and Ray-Pec 8-0.