The Boonville Powerlifting team had a weekend to remember while competing in a meet sponsored by NASA (Natural Athlete Strength Association) powerlifting held March 16th in Lawrence, Kansas.
In only its second year of competition, the five Boonville Powerlifters  who competed all took first place and in the process set one state record and three national records.
Chris Ferri, the coach for the Boonville Powerlifting team, said Boonville was the only high school team in attendance but the meet ranged in ages 10-78.
“I thought all of the kids did outstanding,” Ferri said. “They exceeded way above what I thought they would do and represented Boonville High School really well.”
Ferri said anywhere from 12-20 lifters lift three days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) at 7 a.m., 3 p.m. or 3:45 p.m.
As for the individual records, Zane Watring set three national records with 175 pounds on squat 110 pounds on bench press and 245 pounds on deadlift.
Amanda Mize, meanwhile, set a state record with 205 pounds on squad. Mize also finished the meet with 90 pounds on bench press and 230 pounds on deadlift.
Other lifters for Boonville were Zack Watring with 370 pounds on squat, 230 pounds on bench press and 470 pounds on deadlift; Tyler Schuster with 340 pounds on squat, 165 pounds on bench press and 375 pounds on deadlift; and Sarah Miller with 190 pounds on squat, 80 pounds on bench press and 230 pounds on deadlift.
NASA puts on powerlifting meets in over 20 stats and has been since the very beginning. NASA Powerlifting was established officially on February 22, 1990 in a meet that lasted until February 25th in Reno Nevada.
NASA was founded and originated on the principle of maintaining the rules and stability of organized powerlifting under a true drug free environment.