If the Boonville Pirates soccer team had one weakness this past season, it was the inability to put the ball in the net.
Although head coach Kaz James knew it would be a struggle this season after losing 8-9 starters last fall, she probably didn’t expect the Pirates to struggle this much.
While giving up a total of 73 goals this season in 19 games, Boonville scored just 16 goals to finish the 2018 campaign at 4-13-2 overall.
The folllowing is a question and answer with Boonville Pirates soccercoach Kaz James about the 2018 season:
Q: What are you thoughts on the 2018 season?
A: The 2018 season was rather challenging this year, but it was to be expected as we lost 8 or 9 starters from last season. It was a rebuilding year for us here at Boonville.  This was a younger team and for some of the boys this was their first year of starting varsity or playing a lot of varsity minutes. There was some great moments this season, but I am also looking forward to this program only getting better in the next 2 to 3 years.
Q: Even though there is no conference for soccer, you finished 1-2 by splitting with Osage and then losing to Southern Boone. Did the boys seem to get up for those games anymore than the others even though there is no conference season?
A: I think the boys treated it like any other game we played. We were not a team that got up for a certain games, we went into each game wanting to come up with a win and to get better as a team and individually. We also made goals for us as a group on what we wanted to accomplish each game.  
Q: This team seemed to struggle scoring goals this season, is it because of so many new faces?
A: It was not because of new faces this year. We were a younger group and did not have a lot of players who had lot of experience at the varsity level. The younger players got a lot of time this and it will be good for those players going into next season.
Q: What was the highlight or highlights of the season and explain?
A: One highlight from this season would be the Fulton game at Fulton. This game was back and forth between both teams. We had been down at half time and came back and won. The boys went into overtime and not once did they drop their level. They played with a lot of heart and worked as one. They stuck together and battled it to the very end. The game went into PKS and Gabe Lorenz helped us to victory with making 2 big stops.
Q: What was the low point or lowpoints of the season and explain?
A: There was lowpoints for us this season, but we did not let it define us as a team. The boys went out every single game and gave their best effort. They gave their best effort and that’s all you can ask for as a coach.
Q: You return nine starters next year, how does the 2019 season look for the Boonville Pirates soccer team?
A: I am feeling hopeful and excited because I am expecting some more freshman players that will be coming up. I am excited to see the younger players I have now to only continue to grow and improve in the off season. The starters I have that will return will have more varsity experience and that will be asset for us in the 2019 season.
Q: Did you feel like this team was a better second half team versus first half team or vice versa? Explain why?
A: I think it could go either way for us, but we played both halves to the best of our abilities. I think for certain games we were a second half team because we had to fight hard to back in the game. Also towards the end we started to pick up injuries and that hurt us quite a bit so there was some changes made.