The Prairie Home boys junior high basketball team had a great start against Bunceton in the seventh place game in the annual Prairie Home Invitational Tournament on Friday.
While outscoring the Dragons 28-2 in the first quarter, Prairie Home continued to keep the foot on the pedal for the rest of the game by holding a 30-23 scoring edge for a 58-23 victory.
As for the Prairie Home girls, they fell to Tuscumbia in the fifth place game 29-21.
Prairie Home boys basketball coach Mark McLaughlin said the boys had a terrific game and a complete one on both ends. “I saw the future of some of these young guys going forward that has been blunted a bit up to now by poor physical matchups, where we gave up a lot of size and physical maturity,” McLaughlin said. “I saw my point guard’s total personality; he can score, steal the ball, and he spent three quarters looking to make his teammates better.”
Layne Brandes finished the game with a double-double for Prairie Home, who improved to 2-7, with 23 points, 11 steals, five rebounds and three assists.
Landon Case finished the game with 14 points, six rebounds, five steals and three assists while Tripp Kendrick had 13 points, 10 rebounds, three assists and two steals, Grant Milne four points, three rebounds and two assists, Dakota Kuester two points, six rebounds and five steals, Preston Scheidt four rebounds, two assists and one steal and Aiden Paustain with two rebounds, one steal and one assist.
As for the Prairie Home girls, who fell to 4-6 on the season, Madison Brown had her usual game with 20 points and 10 rebounds along with five steals.
Kamden Holliday finished the game with one point, five rebounds and two steals while Aubree Hedgpath added three rebounds and three steals, Kelcy Mullet with five rebounds and one steal and Kate Crews with four rebounds and one steal.
McLaughlin said Tuscumbia and Prairie Home matched up well in every position. “Those are tough games to play in and tough games to coach,” McLaughlin said. “We fouled too much tonight and limited ourselves down the stretch in what we could do because we couldn’t be as aggressive as we wanted. Tuscumbia played a very good overall game.”
Addison Rogers had 20 points to lead Tuscumbia.
In the boys fifth place game, Jamestown defeated New Franklin’s B-team 36-22.
The Bulldogs, 1-2 on the season, trailed Jamestown 20-13 at the half and 29-17 after three.
New Franklin coach Jim Schlotzhauer said the boys really had trouble against Jamestown’s man to man defense. “They have a couple of guards who really work the ball and the passing lanes,” Schlotzhauer said. “They made it tough on our guards to get into our offense.”
Landon Allen had the game-high for Jamestown with 12 points.
For New Franklin, Treyton Ginter had 10, Dylan Wells four and Shaun Crowley, Gavin Eaton, Drake Clark and Sven Wilson each with two.