The results may not show it from Saturday’s Mexico’s JV Tennis Tournament, but to head coach Stephanie Green this was a good tournament for experience for the younger girls.
While competing against both Mexico and Palmyra, Green said for the majority of the day the girls were playing higher seeded players which really forced them to work through errors and challenges.
“We could see them progressively correcting errors and becoming stronger and more confident each match,” Green said. “Amos and Corbitt played very well together and their experience from last year’s JV tournament brought confidence to their play as well as to the rest of the team. Waller and Pannell worked very well together and were more aggressive about getting to the ball and being consistent with their strokes. Because we only had three schools, playing each team twice gave the girls much more court time and allowed them to reassess how to play the same players the second time.”
At No. 1 doubles, the team of Jessica Lammers and Ella Kearns dropped two matches against Mexico 10-4 and 10-1 and then lost two straight matches against Palmyra 10-1 and 10-2.
At No. 2 doubles, the team of Molly Amos and Kali Corbitt fell in two straight matches against Mexico 10-2 and 10-5 and then lost two matches against Palmyra 10-8 and 10-6.
At No. 3 doubles, the team of Hailey James and Mikaelin Singleton fell in two straight matches against Mexico 10-0 and 10-1 and then lost in two matches against Palmyra 10-1 and 10-0.
Meanwhile, at No. 4 doubles, the team of Abby Pannell and Martha Waller fell to Mexico 10-4 and Palmyra 10-6 and 10-6. Then, in the final match, Waller and Alexia Martin dropped a 10-3 decision against Mexico.