There is one thing that I learned over time is not to get too caught up in wins and losses when it comes to conference play.
Such was the case Friday night in the season opener against the No. 2 ranked Blair Oaks Falcons. While many didn’t give the Pirates much of a chance, the score-at least for the first half-was a lot closer than some would have thought as Boonville trailed by a score of 19-0.
Now the Falcons did tack on two more touchdowns in the second half and did rack up close to 400 yards in total offense while holding Boonville to 95 yards, however, I still felt the Pirates were able to do some things offensively.
Unfortunately in this case, a good team like Blair Oaks exploits any weakness or miscue a team may have and that proved to be the case as the Falcons scored their third touchdown on a Boonville fumble.
The rain didn’t help matters any for either team, although I thought it hurt Blair Oaks-a traditionally passing team-more than Boonville. Needless to say as I watched the first-three quarters from the press box that Blair Oaks pretty much dominated the line of scrimmage. The first series of the game pretty much proves my point as the Falcons ran a total of 17 run plays all the way down to the Boonville 15 before fumbling.
While dropping down from Class 3 to Class 2 this season, the Falcons will no doubt win the Tri-County Conference again this season and possibly play No. 1 Lamar for the state title.
As for the Pirates, I think they have a chance to win their remaining six games but will have to have some things go their way both offensively and defensively to do so. Special teams could also be a factor in a game or two.
As for the Tri-County Conference, head coach Greg Hough made a great point. He said after the game Friday night that you have Blair Oaks at the top and everybody else fighting for second place. I truly believe he is right just by the scores in the conference on Thursday and Friday.
Southern Boone, who just entered the polls in Week 2, fell Thursday night on the road against a much improved Versailles team 30-22. Another eye opener had to be Eldon winning at home against Hallsville 6-0. School of the Osage also held off winless California for a 13-7 victory, so you see it could be a wild and exciting season for the next six weeks.
As of right now, Blair Oaks, Osage and Versailles and Eldon are all tied for first place in the TCC at 1-0 while Boonville, Hallsville, Southern Boone and California are each 0-1.
Of course that could all change this week, with Versailles traveling to Blair Oaks and Eldon playing at Southern Boone. Hallsville could also make things interesting with a home game against Osage. And then you have the Pirates hosting the California Pintos on Homecoming at Gene Reagan field.
The Class 3 District 7 standings also saw a shakeup after Week 3.
Odessa took the top spot at 3-0 with 38 points, followed by Pleasant Hill at 3-0 with 46.33 points, Pembroke Hill 3-0 at 45.67 points, Hogan Prep 2-1 with 44.33 points, Center at 2-1 with 41.33 points, Boonville 1-2 at 27.33 points, Kansas City Southeast at 0-3 with 22 points and Oak Grove at 0-3 with 15.33 points.
Pleasant Hill, Pembroke Hill, Center, Boonville, Southeast and Oak Grove will all be at home this week while Odessa hits the road on Saturday against Central Academy.
Now stay with me on this. While I have no problem with Odessa and Pleasant Hill at the top because that’s how I picked it at the start of the season with these two teams playing for the district title, I do have a problem with teams padding their schedule just to win games.
Case in point, the Pirates’ first-three opponents have a combined record of 7-2 while a team like Pembroke Hill’s first-three opponents are a combined 3-6. The Red Raiders face another winless team this week in Bishop Ward.
Of course as you may know this week is Homecoming and the theme this year is: Wii are the Pirates.
Spirit Days also kicked off a full week of activities, which actually began on Monday with Wii Sports Day, where students can dress like any athlete.
Dynamic Duo Day was the main focus on Tuesday for students, who could dress up as inconic duos.
On Wednesday, the theme for the day was Wii Pacman Day. Kacie Richter, the student council sponsor, who puts on the Homecoming every year, said each grade will receive a Pac-Man ghost color for students to wear that color. She said seniors will wear pinky/pink; juniors-Blinky/red; sophomores-Clyde/orange; and freshmen-Inky/teal/blue.
Students will cap off the final two days with Wii Fit Day (wear your school appropriate work out gear – preferably of the 80s or 90s variety) on Thursday and Wii are the Pirates with students dressing up in blue and white.
The football Pep Rally and Bonfire will be held on Wednesday from 7:00-7:30 p.m. after the senior parent informational meeting in the commons. The bonfire will be held south of the commons parking lot in the grass area in front of the brick house.
The Homecoming parade will take place on Friday at 2 p.m. on Main Street, followed by the game between the Pirates and Pintos at 7 p.m. and the coronation at approximately 7:45 p.m.
The queen candidates for this year’s Homecoming are: Jayln Schnetzler, Mille Dorman, Josie Robb, Brooke Coleman, Sariana Barbarotta and Lawren Luscombe.
The king candidates are: Landon Weaver, Malik Brazil, Clayton Gochenour, Brandon Johnson, Tyler Schuster and Dylan Watson.
Don’t panic just yet, the Pirates still have a lot of the season left.
After Friday’s game against California, Boonville will go on the road to face a good Osage team on Friday, Sept 21 and then follow it up with another road game against Versailles on September 28 before returning home for a big game against the Eldon Mustangs on October 5. The Pirates will then go on the road for their next to last regular season game on October 12 before returning home for Senior-Parents Night on October 19 against Southern Boone.