Boonville Pirates football Coach Greg Hough said the team is ready to move on after last week’s 42-0 loss in the season opener against the Pleasant Hill Roosters.
While managing just 165 yards in total offense against PHill, Hough said this week he wants the players to make sure they do their job and play assignment and alignment football.
As for the Holden Eagles, they took a different route last week by beating Sherwood Marksmen 36-16. The Eagles, coached by Mike Hedrick, finished 5-8 in 2017 but closed out the season winning three of their last four games.
In last year’s meeting against Boonville, the Eagles fell at home by a score of 23-19.
Friday night’s game will also mark the 20-year reunion of the 1998 Boonville Pirates state championship football team. The 1998 team will be recognized at halftime.
Hough said his team needs to make sure they can control what they can control.
“Again that’s protecting the football, that’s doing our job assignments and alignment-wise and just being able to respond to adversity,” Hough said. “We need to respond to whatever situation occurs in a positive manner. Success isn’t just going to happen for us. We need to strive, we need to make our own success and I think once our kids get that I think we are really going to get going. But I really felt like last week we were really searching for something positive to happen and it never did. This is a great opportunity this week so hopefully the fan base shows back up.”
As for the Week 1 game against PHill, Hough said it was disheartening.
“I felt like our defense played pretty good but as you watch the film you can see we made so many alignment and assignment mistakes,” Hough said. “I was a little surprised by that because our defense is really simple and we do that in order to able them to play fast. I also felt like at times we were doing our own thing. Bad habits are very, very hard to break but at the same time it’s our job as coaches to put those kids in the right spot. This week I feel like we have given them everything that we can to prepare them for this week.”
As for what Holden does offensively, Hough said the Eagles will be in a back set under center for the most part. He said Holden will also run some I-formation and pro look with a fullback.
“They will run some power concepts and some counter concepts and just come right at you with physical football,” Hough said. “The key for us defensively is going to be third down success and stopping the inside run. They are going to be a lot more down hill attack this week I feel than what we saw last week against PHill. However I think that kind of fits into what we defend better because I feel like we have guys that can get to the point of attack real fast inside the tackles. We are going to have to wrap up and not allow the back to get going and just do our job by playing assignment, alignment football.”
On defense, Hough said the Eagles will run a very similar front and similar shades to what they got against PHill. He said Holden will be in a 3-4 but it will look more like a 3-5.
“They look to be pretty physical on defense,” Hough said. “Their O techniques are pretty good and their inside backers do a nice job of reading the inside run and attack. Offensively, we have to protect the football. Last week I thought we had several self-inflicted wounds and if you look at our schedule I don’t feel like there is anybody that we can show up and play football and be successful against if we turn the ball over. We just need to protect the football and establish the line of scrimmage. We’ve really took a lot of time in preparing and maybe putting more tools in our kids hands this week. We have given them playbooks for every front and rep, rep, rep and rep. There is no excuse for not knowing what their doing this week.”
The Pirates would love nothing more than to redeem themselves as well against the Eagles.
While a loss Friday night would be like another punch in the gut going into the Week 3 game against Blair Oaks, Hough said the mind set this week is clearly to redeem themselves.
“We worked too hard to play that bad and we are really working to redeem ourselves this week,” Hough said. “I felt like our physical preparation wasn’t right last week. We had guys playing only one side of the football cramping up and that doesn’t make any sense to me. We are ready to get past that first game. Coaches also grew a lot from that game. This is my 13th year so I have been there, done that and coached a whole bunch of different teams and every team is different.”
The Pirates also have some work to do in the Class 3 District 7 standings after last week. Hogan Prep, Pleasant Hill, Center, Odessa and Pembroke Hill all won their games last week while KC Southeast, Oak Grove and Boonville dropped their season openers. Hogan Prep currently stands in first place with 43 points, followed by PHill, Center and Odessa each with 33 points, Pembroke Hill 26 points, KC Southeast 7 points and Boonville and Oak Grove each with 0.
Hough said he truly believes whichever unit wins in the trenches is going to win the game.
“I am not putting it all of them but at the end of the day this game is going to fall back on the play of our offensive and defensive line, but that’s every week,” Hough said. “That’s not singling a group out or anything, but that’s football. I also think it’s a big week for a couple of individuals on our team offensively. I have challenged them personally to be the person they think they can be. I told them let’s quit talking about it, let’s do it.”

The following are starting lineups for Boonville against Holden Friday night:
QB-Nick Ferrari
TB-Avian Thomas
Slot-Malik Brazil
Outside receiver-Tramell Coleman
Outside receiver-Trae Williams
TE-Brandon Johnson
RT-Sean White
RG-Grayson Mesik
C-Brady Stock
LG-Dakota Williams
LT-Dylan Watson
DE-Brandon Johnson
DE-Dylan Watson
T-Dakota Williams
T-Alan McCarter
OLB-Josh Polk
OLB-Peyton Keeran
ILB-Lane West
ILB-Landon Weaver
CB-Carson Campbell
CB-Trae Williams
FS-Tramell Coleman
1. Hogan Prep, 1-0, 43
2. Pleasant Hill, 1-0, 33
3. Center, 1-0, 33
4. Odessa, 1-0, 33
5. Pembroke Hill, 1-0, 26
6. KC Southeast, 0-1, 7
7. Oak Grove, 0-1, 0
8. Boonville, 0-1, 0